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Automated Ad Operations

Sortable’s Ad Engine works intelligently behind the scenes using machine learning to optimize your ad impressions. We analyze millions of impressions daily and make real-time decisions on which networks should fill your ad space, so you can focus on creating great content for your audience. It’s time to start earning more and seeing record performance.

We manage relationships with major ad partners, so you don’t have to

Sortable is a Google Certified Publishing Partner

Google has recognized Sortable’s experience with both DoubleClick Ad Exchange and DoubleClick for Publishers (in fact, our platform is built on it!) and they consider us a trusted partner.

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Our team of ad operations experts will use our Ad Engine to analyze your site and provide you with insights into how you could optimize your site to generate higher RPMs. 

We understand web publishers,

because we are web publishers. 

Sortable owns and operates 20 different websites, and we’re strongly anchored in our publisher roots. We understand how much work it takes to run a successful website, and we want to enable smaller publishers to compete with big players and large ad operations teams.

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Sortable is now a Google Certified Publishing Partner

| Ad Optimization, Sortable | No Comments
Let’s get down to business: We know what it takes to excel with Google publishing solutions We’re happy to announce that we’ve been selected to join Google’s Certified Publishing Partners program. With our expertise in DoubleClick Ad Exchange and our experience with DoubleClick for Publishers (in fact, our platform is built...
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Organic Traffic is the Best Traffic

| Ad Optimization, arbitrage | No Comments
In the advertising industry there are two general types of traffic that end up on publisher’s websites. They are known as unpaid (organic), and arbitrage. Unpaid traffic (we colloquially refer to all unpaid traffic as organic) is the good stuff. This traffic comes directly to the site through three main...

Viewability is Not the Solution to All of Your Problems

| Ad Optimization, Viewability | No Comments
Viewability has been hailed as the next great ad performance metric. It allows advertisers to determine if their ad was actually seen, and therefore confirm the performance of their display ad campaigns. In this way viewability has become a byword for ad quality, and a way to determine if campaigns...