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Countdown to the Death of Flash Ads

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Back in June, we told you about a new setting from Google to intelligently auto-pause all Flash ads by default in a bid to help improve laptop batteries’ lifespan. As of Sept. 1, this function will roll out to all Chrome users, bringing the browser in line with a similar function for Safari and Firefox users, which disabled the Flash plugin last month. This is no small change as Chrome accounts for roughly 45% of all browsers in use. Amazon recently announced that they would be banning Flash ads starting September 1st as well, which will effect not only ads…

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5 Ways To Optimize Your Website

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It goes without saying that optimizing your website is a complex topic, with what feels like an nearly infinite selection of best practices, guides, and tools. When you’re dedicated to using the best practices to produce a quality site, it’s hard to know if you’re leaving any stones unturned. We feel your pain and present you with our list of the top 5 website optimization tools. Optimize Page Load Times Half of all web users expect a site to load in two seconds or less. Those same users have a great tendency to abandon a site that isn’t loaded within three…

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Google says goodbye to accidental mobile ad clicks

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Publishers may experience a decrease in mobile ad clicks over the coming months as Google makes some changes to its ad offering on Android devices. The tech giant is trying to eliminate “accidental clicks.” Since most people tend to click the sides of an ad accidentally when trying to scroll down to more content or close an ad taking up the screen, the tech company is making the borders of an ad on smartphones and tablets unclickable. Now, consumers have to click a more central spot in the ad to open the content, Google said in a blog post announcing…

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… uncertainty on the left, and the spectre of regret on the right.

5 Questions Every Publisher should ask when Picking an Ad Network

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Monetizing a website can be a difficult and arduous process, and can often take a fair amount of time out of a publisher’s day. Here at Sortable, we believe a trusted ad partner can be extremely beneficial  for your business, taking the stress out of selling ads, allowing you to put time back into creating content and improving your website. Finding a trusted ad partner is challenging; how do you know if they have your best interest at heart? Are their client lists enough to sell you on their effectiveness? Will they make your life easier? These types of questions…

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Google Chrome will pause Flash Ads

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In a bid to improve laptop battery life, Google announced it will “intelligently” pause Flash content that isn’t central to a website in the Google Chrome beta browser. This means Flash ads including video units will be paused by default. This doesn’t stop the ads from fully loading, it just stops the ad from auto playing. The users will have to click a play button on the ad in order to view the video. Ad viewability is still recorded when the ad loads, however you should expect the click-through rate to drop. Google has been pushing for advertisers to shift…

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State of the Ad Blocking Nation

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An estimated 200 million people worldwide are using an adblocker every day. In Germany several media companies tried twice last month to sue Eyeo, the creator of AdBlock Plus, failing both times.  The courts made the right call, the industry has no one but itself to blame, so where do we go from here? What is ad blocking? A good example of technology is AdBlock Plus, the largest ad blocking software currently available online. The technology is an open-source extension users can download that allows people to “filter” through the content they wish/don’t wish to see. In its default state…

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A Pot of Fool’s Gold, the Anatomy of a Click Bomb

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Early in the afternoon on April 19, we checked our dashboard to see how we performed over the weekend. Earlier that week, we had made a change to our system and I was eager to see the results. eCPM were up nearly 5800% from the previous’ week’s, so either the golden goose had set up roost on our sites or something was amiss. While it’s possible the change to our system had struck gold, it quickly became apparent we weren’t the only ones experiencing unusual AdSense behaviour – we were, it turns out, in the middle of a click bomb. WTF is…

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5 Tips to decrease lost impressions

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Too long; didn’t read: Create different ad waterfalls for different traffic profiles. Experiment with different demand partners. It might not be intentional, but if you do not follow all the rules your demand partners you are going to have a bad time. Check your dashboard often, things can go wrong, stay on top of it. Speed up your site. Loss is a way of life in the ad business; not every ad impression is going to be filled. There might be a technical issue with your ad setup, no ads to be served, or simply that your site took too…

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Automate your Waterfall

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The ad business is complex as there are multiple demand sources all paying different CPMs, while others only fill if certain criteria are met. It is enough to keep you up at night. Publishers who work with multiple demand partners have to figure out how to optimize their ad stack. One of the most popular optimization tools is a “waterfall.” Waterfalls allow publishers to prioritize their ad inventory for different ad networks and exchanges in order to get the highest CPM. If the network does not meet the price floor, the ad impression is passed on to the next network…

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Sortable takes a trip with TripWhat

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In December we hosted our first internal Hackathon, and after three days of work, one of our teams had hacked together the first version of TripWhat. We quickly realized we had something on our hands and decided to invest some more time and energy into the project. Three months later we are proud to launch our first version of TripWhat, an iPhone and Web app that brings together all the travel data you need and puts it into the palm of your hand. TripWhat is your one-stop travel resource for finding Restaurants, Events and Attractions that match your style. Whether you are looking for the…

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