Behind The Scenes: Producing Amazing High-End Special Effects for Commercials
By Katie Tregonning on November 16, 2012 in Cameras

Making high end special effects for commercials is an art. Capturing footage of exploding drinks, glistening close-ups, pouring the perfect beer, and flaming alcohol isn’t as easy as you’d think. It involves a lot of high tech equipment, creative planning, and experience. And that’s where German-based creative effects firm, The Marmalade, comes in – take a look at this exceptional highlight reel that shows the type of creative work they do, and then jump to the second video for the behind the scenes look at the production of their work and a gallery of images from their set.

Behind the scenes of video production:

Gallery of The Marmalade’s production set and Spike camera:


Picture 1 of 10

Best Friends: Spike with Phantom Camera


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