The Hairy Truth About The Moustache
By Editor on November 1, 2012 in Infographic

There is something odd going on this month, hundreds of thousands of men all over the world have something growing on their face. They are joining together and growing a moustache for Movember, with their Mo’s, these men are helping to raise funds and awareness of men’s health, specifically prostate cancer. You can support them by making a donation at

Trying to grow a Moustache can be an embarrassing thing, but so can talking about prostate cancer, we are all in this together, book your annual check up today!

Go to and make a donation today.

Feel free to embed the infographic on your blog using the embed code below:
<a href=""><img width="650" height="3813" src="" title="Hairy Truth About The Moustache" alt="Movember Infographic"/></a><br /> <a href="">Sortable</a> <a href="">The Hairy Truth About The Moustache.</a> Go to <a href=""></a> and make a donation today.


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