Jingu Friends Helps You Find Friends Around the World
By Katie Tregonning on November 13, 2012 in News

With communication happening digitally now, it can be difficult to meet like minded people. Jingu Friends wants to fix that. The popular Blackberry app was released this week on iOS. The apps allow you to connect with people on popular instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Kik and Hookt.

After downloading the app you are prompted to type in your name and location. You then get a quick tour of the slick interface, and while learning to navigate the application took a couple minutes, once you figure it out, navigation is quick and easy. You are then dropped into “The Lounge,” a communal chat room. All communications on Jingu Friends is completely public and can be seen by anyone using the application.  If you want to privately chat with someone you can share your user id from Whatsapp, Kik, Hookt or Liveprofile right from the application.

You can also filter “The Lounge” to show only messages from people from your city, your country or the whole world, limiting the messages you see the communal chat room. You can chat with people in “The Lounge” but also share pictures, which is a nice touch. The profile each user can fill out is basic, allowing the user to upload a picture and fill in some basic biographical information about themselves, along with your user ids from chat applications.

The proprietary “Peel A Layer” feature makes navigation a breeze, allowing the user to quickly access information about other people in the chat room. Swiping right on a message allows the user to interact with the individual message, allowing them to reply, view the whole conversation or report the message as abuse, being able to easy report abusive messages is nice to see. Swiping left on a message allows you to view more information about the user.

The concept of Jingu Friends is great, and has been executed well with a slick interface and easy navigation. The application is free and available on both the Apple App Store and Blackberry App World.

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