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Sortable levels up

By October 2, 2012Blog, Sortable

Today we are excited to announce the newly redesigned Sortable! This is by far the biggest release we’ve done as a team, and we’re proud to show off the last few months of hard work. We built the new Sortable to make your hunt for the perfect gadget much easier, and we listened to feedback from our users to improve the ease-of-use of the website. Here are some of the new features we think you will love!

We have added more horse power to our popular sort screen, making it simple to find the right product for you. You can filter and sort by features that interest you, such as operating system, price or battery capacity, then click through to read our detailed review, or create a custom head-to-head comparison.

Are you torn between two products? Use our powerful compare tool to figure out which one would be a better fit for you. We have taken our compare feature to the next level with detailed visualizations, tons of data, and reviews from around the web to provide you with everything you need to make a great purchase.  In the past our users have seen their return rates drop by 75% because they’re that much happier with the product they pick!

Easy to understand visualization. We take complicated concepts, like CPU speed, and make them easier to understand by displaying them in simple graphics. These real time infographics allow you to understand and compare technical specs. We put a lot of work into creating beautiful pages that will render in any browser, we think you’ll really dig them.

Not everything can be expressed by specs alone. There are a lot of really talented people reviewing devices and weighing in. Our goal is to get some of their key takeaways in front of you so you can quickly understand how others view the products you’re interested in. We’ve incorporated thousands of reviews from top sources around the web and used them to give a richer context to the specifications. You’ll see these review snippets around the site and you can easily click them to read the full review.

We have an amazing community that is about to get better. We’ve just launched it and it’s growing by the thousands. Our new question and answer feature allows you to tap into the collective knowledge of our community and find answers to your questions. We have integrated badges so you can show off your technical knowledge to fellow community members and your friends.

We rebuilt the site using a completely responsive design. Go ahead try it on any device. As the screen changes, the site magically conforms the experience to match, all GPU accelerated, cross platform compatible HTML and CSS. Enjoy Sortable.com on the road and at home for all your shopping advice.


We hope you love the new design and features as much as we do.

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