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A Fucking Infographic

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There are not many words that cause such a visceral response in some people as the fword. Sortable.com has put together an infographic on the history of the word Fuck, usages around the world, censorship of the word, other words that will get you in hot water, history of the middle finger and how to give the finger around the world. Feel free to embed the infographic on your blog using the embed code below: <a href=”http://sortable.com/blog/a-fucking-infographic/”><img width=”650″ height=”6194″ src=”http://blog.sortable.com/files/2011/12/Fbomb-infographic.jpg” title=”Fbomb infographic” alt=”fucking infographic”/></a><br /> <a href=”http://sortable.com”>Sortable</a> <a href=” http://sortable.com/blog/a-fucking-infographic/”>A Fucking Infographic</a>

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