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TripWhat App IconIn December we hosted our first internal Hackathon, and after three days of work, one of our teams had hacked together the first version of TripWhat. We quickly realized we had something on our hands and decided to invest some more time and energy into the project. Three months later we are proud to launch our first version of TripWhat, an iPhone and Web app that brings together all the travel data you need and puts it into the palm of your hand.

TripWhat is your one-stop travel resource for finding Restaurants, Events and Attractions that match your style. Whether you are looking for the Empire State Building or a small pub with live music, TripWhat can help you find the perfect activity and plan your next adventure.

Here are 8 reasons you should check out TripWhat:

  • Quickly access your favorite travel sources in one place: We took a lot of care to make the app super fast and simple, it pulls data from different sources including Yelp, Wikipedia, official websites, Wikitravel and UrbanSpoon.  You can search across all of these data sets and see events/attractions/restaurants based on their combined information.
  • Find awesome events: We collect event times and locations from SeatGeek, but their bios suck so we pull data from other sources like and Wikipedia providing the user with more information about the performer
  • Overview and reviews: Most attractions and events have a description, while restaurants feature reviews from Yelp and Urbanspoon, giving you a flavor for the place
  • Comprehensive contact info: For most attractions, we provide pictures, a description, reviews, addresses, phone numbers, social media feeds, and links to their website. What more do you need?
  • Plan or let us plan: You can create your own custom travel guide and then share it with the world, or use one of the hundreds that we have created
  • Always up-to-date info: We collect new data each day, which means you can find last minute events near you
  • Take it on the Go: We also have an iPhone app that allows you to take our powerful travel recommendation engine anywhere
  • Did we mention it’s Free?

TripWhat is currently only available for destination in Canada and the US, but we are looking to expand soon.

TripWhat can help you find:

This is our first version of our first app, we realize that there is more work to be done so we are reaching out to you, our community for some feedback.


Tell us what you think of TripWhat and you could win a $100 iTunes Gift Card:

Check out, or download the iPhone app, then tell us what you think and you could win a $100 iTunes gift card.


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If you do not wish to enter with the Facebook app above, you can still enter. Just leave your feedback in the comments. Contest is only open to residents of the United States and Canada.

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Here at Sortable we are always constantly developing new products and always have something exciting in the pipeline. We want the opportunity to get feedback from users, like you. Use the sign up form below to sign up to be a beta tester.

If you have any questions email us at, Thanks.
Just in case you are wondering Snapsort is our sister site.

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New_Sortable_logo_white_croppedToday Sortable reached an exciting and important milestone: our decision engine has provided 110 million product recommendations since its launch three years ago.

Our user-friendly websites allow shoppers to search for and compare different products in order to find the one that best meets their needs. Sortable saves you time by scouring and compiling relevant specs, reviews, and community feedback into a comprehensive and easy-to-read product review.

The first incarnation Sortable’s decision engine,, launched in late 2010, and has become one of the largest online camera gear sites. Our technology has evolved and now fuels other sites, including, and our flagship website, which allows users to compare phones, tablets, cameras, laptops, and TVs.

Our users enjoy the way we combine rich data aggregation with a visually appealing interface to highlight the pros and cons of a product, and provide shoppers with an unbiased recommendation. Sortable users end up happier with their purchases and, as a result, our retail partners have experienced a 75 percent decline in product returns.

At Sortable our goal is simple: to make it easier for people to make the best-informed purchasing decisions. As we continue to launch into new product categories, our focus remains on satisfying users. Thank you for helping us reach this point. We could not have done it without you.

We have dug into some of our data and put together this quick infographic. If you have any questions feel free to email us at team [at]

110 Million Recommendations

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{data}-wp-02We’re all about data at Sortable and we wanted to give others a peek at what we do on a daily basis.

Enter {data}, a one day hacking marathon that challenged developers to create a tool or app that used data in some sort of way. 25 developers from the Kitchener-Waterloo region took the challenge and descended onto the Sortable offices, on a chilly Saturday for an exciting day of hacking. The teams that participated in the hackathon created nine very different applications of data, which showed off just how much could be created in such a small amount of time.

{data}-wp-03The winning application was by Brad Genereaux, who created an application that demonstrated the concept of the Quantified Self. The application utilized personal fitness data that Brad had tracked over the past year. The application overlaid that data onto personal Facebook data to turn raw data into useful insights that could help the user visualize fitness success.

Other applications that were created were as diverse as, an application that helped you decide where you wanted to live, by combining maps with census data and jobs, a tool that visualized the connections between Wikipedia articles and an app that helped users find the perfect parking spot in Toronto.

Thanks to the teams that participated and created some amazing tools in such a short span of time. Thanks to Jim Murphy, Jon Zulawski and David Shak for judging and having the difficult task of picking the winners. If you’re interested in our next hackathon, we will announce it on Twitter as soon as we know the details.

Here’s a list of the winners and teams!

1st Place-“Quantified Self”-This app focused on mashing up Facebook and personal fitness data such as BMI and caloric intake. Facebook data, including pictures, check-ins and statuses were overlaid over top of the fitness data to show the user their progress towards their fitness goals. Written by Brad.

2nd Place-Kutafuta- This website scrapes Kijiji data to analyze price differences between similar items so users can become Kijiji “day traders,” by buying the item low from one person and selling it higher to another user. Written by Chris, Chris, Ned and Fabio.

“People’s Choice”-Toronto Parking-This app took some of the pain out of finding a parking space  in Toronto. Using open source data the map shows the size and price per half hour of parking lots within a one kilometer radius. The map also shows events that are going on in Toronto, so the user may estimate how full the nearby parking lot may be.  Written by team Green Pea: Jon, Matt L, Christina.

Gertka-This app provides geographically targeted real time updates of bus schedules. Instead of focusing on trip planning like Google Maps does, Gertka focuses on up to the minute bus schedules.  Written by Team Beards and one Polish Dude: Stephen, Alex, Andrew.

WikiWalk-Ever played the Wikipedia game? WikiWalk makes it even easier, the app takes Wikipedia pages and visualizes connections between the articles. This app can show you how Wikipedia can go from David Beckham to Dog in just a few clicks and help you beat your friends at the Wikipedia game. Written by team Drunk Engineers: Garrett, Robert and Andrew.

The Life Planner-This app helps alleviate the stress that comes from trying to figure out what neighborhood you want to live in. By mashing up census data and job postings and overlaying it onto a map, the app shows you what neighborhoods you might want to live in. Written by team GigMapper: Sarry, Neil, Tim, Dinesh and PJ.

Facebook Happiness-A  Facebook App that visualizes how happy your Facebook friends are. This application analyzes Facebook statues and sees if these statuses are happy or sad, then ranks them according to happiness, using visualizes the user can tell at a quick glance which of their friends are the happiest and which ones are most unhappy. Written by team Don’t Worry, Be Happy: Davin, Kevin and Lisa.

MovieBot– Using an automated chat bot that scrapes data from IMDB this app lets users guess the movie by providing bits of trivia. Right and wrong answers get tracked on a leader board that is updated in real time. Written by the “A” Team: Alex and Aaron.

Phone Data Heat Map-This app overlays cell phone speed by carrier over Google Maps to visualize upload and download speeds of cell phones. Written by Team No Beard: Matt.


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The dark night is upon us; once a year people across the country, full of turkey and a bit of holiday cheer gather together, in search for the lowest prices. Sortable has put together an infographic that looks at the history of Black Friday, some interesting stats and the rise of popularity of Cyber Monday. Also keep in mind that Sortable can help you find the right TV, Tablet, Camera, Laptop or Smartphone on Black Friday.

Feel free to embed the infographic on your blog using the embed code below:

<a href=""><img width="700" height="5698" src="" title="The Dark Night Rises: Black Friday Madness" alt="Black Friday Infographic"/></a><br /> <a href="">Sortable</a> <a href="">Black Friday Madness</a>