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It starts off really nice, you know, but then about halfway through they finally meet and they’re crying and I’m crying and it’s all just a big mess of happiness and tears and I just want to tell all the technology haters that it’s not all bad, there are some really good things that come out of the Internet too.

By Charlotte Hannah on November 11, 2013 in News

Lots of big tech companies have some weird patents floating around, but this one from Motorola is a doozy. The company recently applied for a patent for an electronic throat tattoo that functions as a microphone for your smartphone.

Yes, really. From TechCrunch:

The idea is that an “electronic tattoo” nestled on a wearer’s neck could directly capture sound “emanating from a throat” and transmit it to a smartphone (or a similar computing device) by way of a Bluetooth, Zigbee, or NFC connection, thus eliminating the awful background noise that mars many a phone call. Other potential applications could see the tattoo fitted with a display of sorts, or a galvanic skin response detector that could basically service as a lie detector.

Maybe in the near future, we’ll see the end of the era in which neck tattoos are considered unprofessional. I mean, really, this takes the concept of wearable tech to an entirely new level — though it’s still one step below the dude who shoved a huge computer chip into his arm so he could have real-time temperature data beamed to his Android device.

As several sites point out, it’s quite possible that the “tattoo” Motorola refers to in the patent application could be of the stick-on variety, but we’re going to assume it’s the regular kind of tattoo because that’s way more badass.

(via Engadget)

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What’s not included in this report is that Ivan Owen, who appeared briefly in the video above, uploaded a Youtube video in 2011 of a giant mechanical hand he had made as a toy and which Richard Van As, a tradesman from South Africa who had lost four fingers in an accident, saw and ended up collaborating with Ivan to create a prosthetic out of metal. After crowdfunding for the prototype they made a prosthetic hand for a 5-year-old South African child named Liam. Today you can find and download the design for the prosthetic hand for free on Thingverse, and follow Robohand’s progress here.

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By Charlotte Hannah on November 11, 2013 in Funny News

Say what you want about Jony Ive’s design for iOS7 (which may or may not have been made in Microsoft Word), but there’s one thing I think supporters and detractors alike can agree on: dude sure loves his smooth lines and gradients.

With that in mind, what would some other everyday objects look like if Jony Ive designed them? Probably something like this:

The Swiss flag


The Mona Lisa


A one dollar bill


Game of Thrones


The South Korean flag


The solar system


Various band logos


Marlboro cigarettes


A Star Wars poster



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We all have something that we are afraid of, whether it is monsters, the dark, public speaking, heights or flying. Some people love being afarid, because they love the rush and to push their limits. Halloween is here so Sortable thought we would take a look at what makes us afraid.


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