The 3D Bubble
By Editor on December 15, 2011 in Infographic

It is no secret that Hollywood has gone crazy for 3D, every other movie appears to be “in 3D“, but is this really a revolution or is this just another fad that will fade away in a few years? has taken a look at the 3D movie industry to see if 3D is hear to stay or if the bubble is about to pop!

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2 Responses
Tristan Posted on Dec. 15th

Nice inforgraphic, although the section about 3D conversion isn’t entirely accurate. There is no “8 layers of depth” in converted films – they display the complete depth gamut the same as a film shot in 3D.

Sean Posted on Dec. 15th


You are right there is no 8 layers on every shot of every 3D conversion Movie but it is truly impossible to display the same deapth Gamut as a Movie shot origionally in S3D. Not at all possible. Think about Rain. every drop is on its own vector distance plane only REAL 3D can convey this properly Conversion would be impossible. Trees and Leaves Grass, Traffic, Crowd of People. A lot more than 8 planes to see and our eyes and brains know it. 8 layers is the most that will be given to a Film that has a Big Budget and even then each layer will still appear like cardboard layers on a Cheep Set in a school play.

But I agree the InfoGraphic is very good. Now that would be better if it was converted in 3D :-)