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The Reddit Invasion

By October 3, 2011Infographic

Since Reddit launched in 2005 it has grown to become one of the largest and most loved news/content aggregators in the world.  A treasure trove of sub cultures and memes for users of all interests and a very supportive community are all part of the special sauce that makes Reddit so successful.  The team at Sortable is a big fan of the site and have spent countless hours exploring different content on Reddit. We looked at what makes Reddit so special, from their history, community, generous redditors, and different types of redditors to put together this infographic. We hope you enjoy it enough to upvote it.

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<a href="http://sortable.com/blog/the-reddit-invasion/"><img width="650" height="6716" src="http://blog.sortable.com/files/2011/10/The-Reddit-Invasion.jpg" title="The Reddit Invasion" alt="Reddit History"/></a><br /> <a href="http://sortable.com">Sortable's</a> <a href=" http://sortable.com/blog/the-reddit-invasion/">The Reddit Invasion</a>


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  • Justin

    TIL that an article singling the praises of Reddit, found through Reddit, can contain an info graphic impossible to read on AlienBlue, an app designed for Reddit.

  • Editor

    Sorry about that, perhaps thing might work better for you: http://i.imgur.com/uwOXT.jpg

  • Grammar Nazi

    Unnecessary apostrophe in ‘posts’.

  • Editor

    We left that one there just for you.

  • Alan

    Where the heck is Bozarking on this infographic? Am disappoint. Also a great way to get karma is to post long rants on why horse porn isn’t sexy enough for you and why you want to have sex with a woman in a hot dog suit

  • Goofleschmirtz

    I love you guys. 😀

  • Editor

    we love you too

  • Editor


  • Steve

    You forgot “The Reddit Obsessed”, who uses the site so much that they install a browser plugin based solely around making that site even easier to waste time on!

  • omegamorgan

    I read that as ‘Wants to have hot sex with a woman in ‘ Hot dog Shit’……. Must get new glasses

  • Zach

    Add: September 2011: Anderson Cooper advertises a popular adult subreddit on his talk show, bringing 20 million new readers.

  • Editor


  • I answer to your mail about Reddit, yes it’s a great web tool but just for english speakers; in Italy Reddit is absolutely ignored, like Stumbleupon; Italy is Just Facebook

  • Mike

    I don’t see how you can generalize an entire country.

    http://www.reddit.com/r/italy – 1,277 subscribers. If you apply the infographic above, there are at least 12,770 readers.

  • Rich_

    …and “max exodus” should be “mass exodus.” Unless that’s a new thing? ( :

  • Editor

    Good eyes

  • The Train!

    what’s your source for the 90-90-1 statistic? i checked through your bibliography but i couldn’t find it.

  • Editor
  • Isabell Guilliams

    How did you get the time in the back, thanks?