Vuzix takes on Google in Digital-Glasses Market
By Jude Fiorillo on November 14, 2012 in Cameras News

Earlier this year, Google unveiled Google Glass, an innovative project to make computers wearable as glasses. Hot on their heels is interactive eyewear company Vuzix, which just announced the Smart Glasses M100, camera-equipped glasses that run using a modified Android system. However this thing can be used for more than taking pictures. In addition to a 720p HD camera, it comes with Wifi and syncs with your iPhone or Android phone via bluetooth, allowing you to make hands-free calling, text messaging, and web browsing, while providing a wearable dispaly.

While wearing the Smart Glasses, it will feel like you’re looking at a 4-inch smartphone screen about 14 inches away. But don’t hold out for amazing photos, because pictures and video captured with the device are only 1280×720. No word on pricing, but you can expect these glasses on the market sometime early next year.

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