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Waterloo Region: Canada’s Innovation Hub

By August 1, 2012Blog, Infographic

Waterloo Region is Canada’s innovation hub, home to 850+ tech firms including 550 tech startups. 30,000 people are employed in the tech industry locally, and there is still over 1,000 job openings (Sortable is hiring). Tech giants like Google, IBM, EA and RIM all have offices here as well as innovative startups like Sortable, Rebellion Media, Desire2learn, Aeryon, enflick, Jingu, and kik. Yes, RIM has fallen on hard times, and we hope that they are able to bounce back, but there is more to Waterloo Region than just RIM. Take a look at our infographic and find out why the tech sector is alive and well in Waterloo Region.

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<a href="http://sortable.com/blog/waterloo-region-canadas-innovation-hub/"><img width="700" height="4150" src="http://blog.sortable.com/files/2012/08/Waterloo-Canadas-Innovation-Hub-700px.jpg" title="Waterloo Region Canada's Innovation Hub" alt="Waterloo Tech Infographic"/></a><br /> <a href="http://sortable.com">Sortable</a> <a href=" http://sortable.com/blog/waterloo-region-canadas-innovation-hub">Waterloo Region Tech Infographic</a>

Key Facts from the infographic

  • 531 new companies have been started in the last 3 years in Waterloo Region
  • Waterloo has the 2nd best performing economy in Canada
  • The tech sector generates $25 billion in revenue
  • 631 patents were granted per million people, which is 3x the national average
  • Waterloo Region has a population 539,000, which is expected to hit 729,000 by 2031
  • It is one of Canada’s fastest growing cities
  • There is 1.6 million people living with in 50km of Waterloo and 5.2 with in 100km
  • Waterloo has the 3rd youngest population in Canada
  • Waterloo is home to award winning business incubators such as:
    • Accelerator Centre
    • Communitech Hub
    • Hyperdrive
    • Velocity



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