Nikon D7100

  • 24 MP
  • 3.2" LCD
Released March, 2013
In the bulk of the real world video we've shot, color moiré has been largely nonexistent.
Rated 85% by by DPReview (Apr, 2013)

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First reviewed March, 2013

Features Key features of the Nikon D7100

Angle view of Nikon D7100
I'm sure Nikon has a good reason for it, but it's a really big hole in the camera's feature set if you care about video.
Rated 78% by by c|net (Apr, 2013)


0 MP
16.1 MP

16.1 MP
24 MP
30 MP
The weather-proof D7100 features a 24 megapixel DX image sensor, 51-point autofocus system, 6fps burst shooting and a high-resolution 3.2 inch LCD screen.
D7100 by Photography Blog (Mar, 2013)
All of the sample images in this review were taken using the 24.1 megapixel Fine JPEG setting, which gives an average image size of around 10Mb.
D7100 by Photography Blog (Mar, 2013)

sensor size

Nikon D7100
Nikon D600
Canon EOS 6D
Noise does start to become visible at the pixel level even at moderate ISO sensitivities, but is kept well under control given the pixel density of its 24MP APS-C sensor.
D7100 by DPReview (Apr, 2013)
In fact, if you don't have a compelling reason to shoot with a full frame DSLR, or have no need for 36MP output, the APS-C D7100 offers a largely similar shooting experience, great looking images and a smaller, lighter body to carry on your shoulder.
D7100 by DPReview (Apr, 2013)

viewfinder size

Nikon D7100
Nikon D5200
Sony SLT A77
The D7100 has an excellent viewfinder for its class - offering 100% coverage and a magnification of 0.94x - the same as its predecessor the D7000.
D7100 by DPReview (Apr, 2013)
A much simplified level gauge can also be displayed inside the viewfinder if it is assigned to the Fn button.
D7100 by DPReview (Apr, 2013)

body size

136 x 107 x 76 mm
141 x 113 x 82 mm
131 x 97 x 72.5 mm
That all of this comes in a relatively light weight package is even more impressive.
D7100 by DPReview (Apr, 2013)
Physically, the D7100 is very similar to its predecessor, with practically identical size and weight.
D7100 by DPReview (Apr, 2013)

focus points


And rather than just the central AF point functioning, in half-decent light the whole array of 51 are operational, although using the 15 cross-type sensors gets the subject in focus quicker than the outer points.
D7100 by TechRadar (Mar, 2013)
Other D7100 upgrades over the D7000 include a significantly upgraded AF system, with focus algorithms borrowed from the top-end Nikon D4, 51 AF points (15 cross-type) and the stated ability to focus in light as low as -2EV.
D7100 by DPReview (Apr, 2013)

Performance Real world tests of Nikon D7100

DxOMark image quality

Nikon D7100
Canon EOS 7D
Canon EOS 70D
You get an eminently usable file that maintains good color accuracy.
D7100 by DPReview (Apr, 2013)
You can also take control over the colour of your images via the Picture Control modes (Standard, Neutral, Vivid, Monochrome, Portrait and Landscape) with options to adjust the sharpening, contrast, brightness, saturation and hue of the colour modes.
D7100 by TechRadar (Mar, 2013)

DxOMark low light performance

Nikon D7100
Nikon D600
Canon EOS 6D
We can't see much use for Night Vision or Color Sketch, but Miniature Effect and Selective Color can produce some fun results.
D7100 by TechRadar (Mar, 2013)
Unfortunately, because it's overlaid on the scene rather than in the display area, it's hard to see against a dark subject or in dim light.
D7100 by c|net (Apr, 2013)

shutter lag

0 ms
124 ms

251 ms
75 ms
80 ms
The camera powers on and shoots in just under 0.3 second, and typical shot-to-shot time (which in our tests essentially measures shutter lag) runs 0.2 second for either raw or JPEG; that increases to about 0.8 second overall with flash enabled, which is still pretty zippy, but it also varied quite a bit from a low of 0.6 second to a high of 1.9 seconds during testing.
D7100 by c|net (Apr, 2013)
The Nikon D7100 lets you dial in shutter speeds of up to 30 seconds and has a Bulb mode as well for exposure times of practically any length, which is very good news if you are seriously interested in night photography.
D7100 by Photography Blog (Mar, 2013)

continuous shooting

6 fps
12 fps
8 fps
We did find that the maximum 5.9 fps we measured was not achieved consistently throughout the burst, as times averaged between 5 and 5.5 fps.
D7100 by DPReview (Apr, 2013)
This is useful if you need to get a little tighter in on your subject and don't want to crop the image post-capture, and it enables the maximum continuous shooting rate to be boosted to 7fps.
D7100 by TechRadar (Mar, 2013)

battery life

950 photos
500 photos
530 photos
Photographers looking to add bulk for better balance with expensive, heavy zooms like the AF-S Nikkor 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR lens, more comfortable portrait orientation shooting, or simply increased battery performance can opt for the MB-D15 grip.
D7100 by DPReview (Apr, 2013)

Our analysis How does it stack up against its top 10 competitors


  • Contrast detection focusing system
  • 1920 x 1080 @ 60 fps
  • Generic
  • 3.2"
  • 83.0
  • 1,229 k dots
  • 51
  • Yes
  • 1920 x 1080 @ 60 fps
  • Keep shooting in rain or snow
  • 15
  • 950
  • 24 MP
  • 100%
  • 24.2 bits
  • 300 ms
  • 13.7 ev
  • 1,256 ISO
  • 1.32 fps
  • Opaque
  • 3.5mm
  • For that film look
  • Combines multiple photos together to capture both bright and dark areas
  • 84.98%
  • 1/8000 s


  • None
  • Use buttons to access features and menus
  • The screen is fixed in place
  • No automatic stitching
  • 765 g
  • 136 x 107 x 76 mm

Reviews Word on the street

Rated 85%
Read the review (Apr, 2013)
You could also put a 2x teleconverter on a lens like the very good AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm F4G ED VR and the D7100 could still use its center focus point at the F8 equivalent maximum aperture this combo would produce.
Rated 90%
Read the review (Mar, 2013)
The D7100 produces noise-free JPEG images at ISO 100-1600, with ISO 3200 also looking pretty good.
Rated 78%
Read the review (Apr, 2013)
The D7100 is a great camera for still photography, but doesn't feel like a must-have upgrade unless you've got a significant investment in good Nikon-mount lenses and need speed and durability on a budget - right now.
Rated 80%
Read the review (Mar, 2013)
This provides a very detailed view even in quite bright light that makes it easy to assess critical focus, so it is especially useful when shooting still life or macro subjects when depth of field is very restricted.


While this HDR-like result may not be to everyone's taste, the point here is that at base ISO, the D7100 provides enough headroom in shadow detail to create this effect from a single exposure.
Nikon D7100 | Rated 85% by by DPReview (Apr, 2013)
JPEG output is very good, retaining fine detail arguably close to 3000LPH, which is a bit beyond what we've seen from the best 24MP sensors that use an OLPF filter.
Nikon D7100 | Rated 85% by by DPReview (Apr, 2013)
As you'd expect, the additional 1.3x crop yields larger scene elements after the sensor output is resampled to 1920 x 1080.
Nikon D7100 | Rated 85% by by DPReview (Apr, 2013)


For those with more discerning tastes, however, we wouldn't suggest using the 1.3x crop mode as a 'built-in' focal length multiplier, as you will get better results from swapping out the lens or, of course zooming in optically.
Nikon D7100 | Rated 85% by by DPReview (Apr, 2013)
Moving on to the differences though - the ISO button might still be in the same place compared to the D7000 but the magnification buttons on the rear of the D7100 are in the opposite position, with the plus (zoom in) button now being above the minus (zoom out) button.
Nikon D7100 | Rated 85% by by DPReview (Apr, 2013)
And it's hardly an aperture that you'd find yourself using in real world scenarios where edge to edge sharpness was a primary concern.
Nikon D7100 | Rated 85% by by DPReview (Apr, 2013)


The D7100's built-in AF motor means that autofocus works with older and third-party AF lenses, and like the D7000, up to nine non-CPU manual focus lenses can be programmed in for aperture priority and metered manual operation.
Nikon D7100 | Rated 85% by by DPReview (Apr, 2013)
The D7100 was able to acquire focus very quickly whether using the center or outermost AF points.
Nikon D7100 | Rated 85% by by DPReview (Apr, 2013)
For single-shot photography in bright light, the D7100 is about on par with the D5200, but earns its price premium for low-light autofocus and continuous shooting.
Nikon D7100 | Rated 78% by by c|net (Apr, 2013)


The D7100 can shoot 1080p movies at 30, 25 or 24 frames per second at bitrates of up to 24Mbps.
Nikon D7100 | Rated 85% by by DPReview (Apr, 2013)
While the camera's video specs are impressive, its video output is a bit softer than we'd like.
Nikon D7100 | Rated 85% by by DPReview (Apr, 2013)
But looking at the video clips, it seems that minimizing moiré has come at the cost of image sharpness.
Nikon D7100 | Rated 85% by by DPReview (Apr, 2013)


The D7100 combines the excellent handling and ergonomics of the D7000 with some of the recent changes Nikon has made throughout its higher-end DSLRs like an integrated stills/movie live view control, AF mode button/lever combination and top-plate mounted movie record button.
Nikon D7100 | Rated 85% by by DPReview (Apr, 2013)
Like the Nikon D7000, the Nikon D7100 has a 2,016-pixel RGB sensor that provides data to the Scene Recognitions system that guides the metering, white balance and autofocusing systems.
Nikon D7100 | Rated 80% by by TechRadar (Mar, 2013)
To be fair though, we imagine that for many D7100 users, live view will be reserved primarily for critical focus applications like landscapes, still lifes and product photography, where maximum AF speed is much less important than accuracy.
Nikon D7100 | Rated 85% by by DPReview (Apr, 2013)

Competition What else you should consider

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Front view of Nikon D7100

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Editions Editions of the Nikon D7100

Price Edition Max light sensitivity Resolution Area Megapixels Compare
25,600 ISO 1,229 k dots APS-C 24 MP

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