Careers at Sortable


At Sortable, our goal is to allow publishers to stop worrying about their online ads so they can focus on doing what they do best: creating great content.

Founded in 2009, we are strongly connected to our web publishing roots. We created 20 popular websites and apps that have helped over 500 million people find the right product for them. We understand how much work it can be to run a successful website, and want to help lend a hand.

Sortable is built upon data, using machine learning and other technologies to solve hard problems. We are an engineering-driven team that is constantly working on improving our Ad Engine.

Sortable is a growing company full of passionate people solving hard problems. We are a collaborative team with minimal bureaucracy that values autonomy, taking ownership and learning from your mistakes.

Sortable’s sushi restaurant-turned-office is located in downtown Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Our catered team lunches give opportunities for the team to discuss work-related problems, as well as pondering the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.

"Things you won't find at Sortable: uptight bosses, jerk coworkers, boring lunch discussions and friendly llamas. 3 out of 4 ain't bad."

Colin, Software Engineer

"Sortable is a team of engineers that hate ads, so we are using technology to make them suck less."

Brenden, Digital Marketing

"Sometimes we act like grown-ups."

Steven, Software Engineer

"A friendly, talented team using interesting technology to solve challenging problems."

Mark, Software Engineer

"There are those who turn ideas into successful businesses and there are those who don’t. We know which of the two we are."

Patrick, Operations Associate

"At Sortable we are attracted to fixing broken problems. We want to fix things to help people and make a profit. Right now the market has many problems that need fixing. We have lots of work to do. We want smart, fun and motivated people to help us."

Daniel, Head of Ad Ops

"Smart people solving hard problems."

Chris, CEO

Sortable's an exciting team - we're growing rapidly in an evolving industry and every team member plays a direct role in our success. If you want fast-paced autonomy and high-impact, Sortable is where you'll find it."

Cory, Ad Ops Specialist

"Big ideas and big execution."

Graeme, Software Developer

"A friendly team that's always willing to discuss new ideas or help you learn a new skill."

Shawn, Software Enginer


Have a drink with the team at Startups and Beer on June 15th. Sortable is partnering with 4 other growing startups and a selection of the best craft brewers in Waterloo Region. Come on our and meet the team and get a taste of startup life.


Catered Lunches: We order in team lunches every day. Vegetarian choices as well as carnivore.

Health Benefits: Great benefits coverage keeps you and your family happy and healthy. 

Stock Options: Share in the success of Sortable.

Interesting Technologies: We are primarily a JVM on Linux shop. We work with modern, (mostly) fun-to-use technologies.

Vacations: We offer generous vacation, and we encourage you to use it.

Flexible Hours: Everyone works best at different times of the day. While we do have core hours, we allow you to pick which hours work best for you.

Competitive Salary: We want the brightest minds, and we want to ensure that we get the strongest team possible by offering competitive salaries.

Cocktail Friday: Our team takes turns mixing up interesting cocktails each week.

Play Together: Whether it’s games night, hockey, baseball or a weekend at the cottage, there are lots of opportunities to interact with the team outside of work.

Explosive Growth: Our company is profitable and growing 40% month over month.

Empowering Publishers: We are building technology that helps hundreds of online publishers.

And More: Free parking for both your car and bike, free snacks, and a stocked fridge (just to name a few).


Sortable is located in downtown Kitchener, which is a growing tech hub located in Ontario Canada. If you are thinking of relocating, here are some reasons to make the move to Waterloo Region.

  • Waterloo Region is the hub of innovation in Canada, with 1,000+ tech companies locally, including Google, Square, Vidyard, Kik, Aeryon, Shopify, and Thalmic just to name a few. The region is home to the University of Waterloo the best engineering schools in the world. There are some really cool things happening up here, and you have a chance to make a mark here.
  • Waterloo is quiet without being boring. If the big city lifestyle is your thing, Toronto is just a short drive away (but you are going to find a lot to love in KW).
  • Owning a home is within your reach, with an average price of $420,000 for a house and $240,000 for a condo.
  • Cost of living in Waterloo is $2,300 per month compared to $5,800 in SF, $3,500 in Vancouver and $3,300 in Toronto, your money is going to go further in Waterloo.
  • Getting around town is easy, with great transit including a new LRT which will be finished next year and an average commute time of 21 min (which is one of the shortest commute times in the country).
  • This is a great place to raise a family, with excellent schools, health care and support for growing families.
  • With 3,000 acres of parkland, hundreds of kilometres of trails, and the beautiful Grand River, there are lots of things to do outside.


Everyone that works at Sortable completed a challenge as part of the interview process. The challenges are designed to give you an idea of what kind of problems you will be dealing with on a daily basis, and gives us an opportunity to see how you solve those problems.