LG LK450

  • 32" 1080p LCD
  • 60 Hz
#1 in LCD LG TVs
Released February, 2011
The screen of the LK450 didn't have any of the bright spots we saw on the Sonys, maintaining its brightness and color well across its surface.
Rated 56% by by c|net (Nov, 2011)

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First reviewed December, 2011

Features Key features of the LG LK450

Back view of LG LK450
The LG's Cinema mode provided the best picture before any tweaking, although it was quite dim (about half of our target 40 fL luminance) with bright gamma and a bluish-green color temperature.
Rated 56% by by c|net (Nov, 2011)


We performed a hands-on evaluation of the LG 42LK450, but this review also applies to the other screen sizes in the series.
LK450 by c|net (Nov, 2011)
The rest of the sets in the lineup also have matte screens, and in general they all performed equally well in this category.
LK450 by c|net (Nov, 2011)


LG LK450
Panasonic VIERA U30
LG LM6200

Performance Real world tests of LG LK450

power consumption

LG LK450
LG LK530
Panasonic VIERA U30
We did not test the power consumption of this size in the LG LK450 series, but we did test the 42-inch model.
LK450 by c|net (Nov, 2011)

black levels

LG LK450
Accuracy isn't everything, however, and the LG's poor black levels made its colors appear more washed out, desaturated, and worse overall to our eyes than most of the others.
LK450 by c|net (Nov, 2011)
As usual dark areas, like the letterbox bars and the black walls of the courthouse in Chapter 13, for example, showed the biggest differences; in the LG's case these areas appeared washed out and significantly less realistic than on any of the other sets.
LK450 by c|net (Nov, 2011)

contrast ratio

LG LK450
From off-angle its blacks washed out quicker than any of the others, but on the flipside we didn't see as much discoloration as we did on the Samsungs and Sonys.
LK450 by c|net (Nov, 2011)
The LG LK450 delivered a worse picture than its Sony and Samsung entry-level competitors, a showing that can be blamed squarely on light black levels (which get worse than usual for off-angle viewers).
LK450 by c|net (Nov, 2011)

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  • CCFL
  • 24p content is smoothly converted to the TV's refresh rate
  • 2:2 Pulldown @ 48Hz
  • 1080i content is smoothly rendered at the TV's native resolution
  • MP3
  • JPEG
  • supports professional calibration to achieve the most accurate color reproduction
  • SimpLink
  • 1920 x 1080
  • 2
  • 32"
  • 1
  • 1
  • 3
  • 200 mm x 100 mm
  • 1080p
  • 1
  • 1
  • 76.2 mm


  • 135 Watts
  • 72.27%

Reviews Word on the street

Rated 56%
Read the review (Nov, 2011)
Unlike the Samsung LND550 series the LK450 lacks an Ethernet port so it can't do the same via DLNA over a home network.


Since the LK540 can take advantage of it, we recommend its owners use the 1080p/24 setting on their Blu-ray players.
LG LK450 32" | Rated 56% by by c|net (Nov, 2011)
The LK450 delivers more connections than just about any other entry-level TV, with a second component-video slot and a headphone jack being the standouts.
LG LK450 32" | Rated 56% by by c|net (Nov, 2011)
Like the BX420 the LG actually passed our 1080p/24 test by preserving the cadence of film.
LG LK450 32" | Rated 56% by by c|net (Nov, 2011)


Measurements of the LK450 proved it delivered the most accurate color in our lineup, and its advantages over the plasma, the Samsung LND550 and, to a lesser extent, both Sonys, was visible in most scenes.
LG LK450 32" | Rated 56% by by c|net (Nov, 2011)
Such objects appeared dimmer and much less distinct, and thus less distracting, then they did on the Panasonic plasma, for example, and black levels were also preserved better.
LG LK450 32" | Rated 56% by by c|net (Nov, 2011)


Like most standard LCDs we've tested the LK450 is more of a hog than LED-based models, yet efficient enough that its yearly power toll would barely cover lunch for two.
LG LK450 32" | Rated 56% by by c|net (Nov, 2011)


Via VGA the LK450 passed our PC test, delivering full 1,920x1,080-pixel resolution, but we did see some edge enhancement (ringing appearing around some objects) that we couldn't quite defeat, despite trying for awhile with the two sharpness controls in the Expert menu.
LG LK450 32" | Rated 56% by by c|net (Nov, 2011)


While the LG didn't obscure details in shadows, those darker areas again looked worse than the other displays because of those bright blacks.
LG LK450 32" | Rated 56% by by c|net (Nov, 2011)

Competition What else you should consider

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JVC BlackCrystal BC3000 2-way tie: Supports picture-in-picture JVC BlackCrystal BC3000 vs LG LK450
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LG LK530 3-way tie: Biggest screen LK530 55" vs LK450 32"
LG LS3400 4-way tie: Supports ISFccc LS3400 42" vs LK450 32"
Front view of LG LK450

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Editions Editions of the LG LK450

Price Edition Power consumption Size Peak brightness Manufacturer code Compare
205 Watts 42" Unknown 42LK450
180 Watts 37" 368 cd/sq. m. 37LK450
135 Watts 32" 395 cd/sq. m. 32LK450

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