LG LM7600

  • 47" 1080p LED-backlit
  • 3D 240 Hz
  • Internet enabled
Released February, 2012
I was also hampered by imperfect picture controls, so color accuracy suffered.
Rated 71% by by c|net (Sep, 2012)

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First reviewed March, 2012

Features Key features of the LG LM7600

Front view of LG LM7600
Among all of the 3D glasses I've tried I liked the LG's best overall.
Rated 71% by by c|net (Sep, 2012)


I performed a hands-on evaluation of the 47-inch LG 47LM7600, but this review also applies to the other screen size in the series.
LM7600 by c|net (Sep, 2012)
The others we reviewed were 55-inch models, whereas the LM7600 I tested was a 47-inch, and the artifacts associated with passive 3D are more obvious at larger screen sizes.
LM7600 by c|net (Sep, 2012)


LG LM7600
Sony BRAVIA HX750 Series
Samsung 8000 Series (2012 LCD)
Watching the very dark scenes from the "creation" sequence of "Tree of Life" (chapter 4), it outdid the depth of black produced by the Sony KDL-EX640 and the Samsung ES6500 in every scene, and fell short of the inky depth created by the Panasonic TC-P55ST50.
LM7600 by c|net (Sep, 2012)
The vanishingly thin bezel around the screen makes the TV seem nearly all picture, and the few areas that are visible exude elegance, from the black frame touched with silver edging to the sweeping U-shaped stand.
LM7600 by c|net (Sep, 2012)

Performance Real world tests of LG LM7600

power consumption

LG LM7600
Samsung 8000 Series (2012 LCD)
LG LM670
From off-angle the LM7600 wasn't too bad, which was a surprise for me considering past LGs' poor performance in this area (maybe the more effective dimming helps).
LM7600 by c|net (Sep, 2012)

Our analysis How does it stack up against its top 10 competitors


  • Edge-lit LED
  • Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, Netflix, VUDU, YouTube
  • supports professional calibration to achieve the most accurate color reproduction
  • Unknown, 0 dollars
  • SimpLink
  • 5 mm
  • access streaming content over the Internet
  • 3
  • enjoy realistic 3D videos at home
  • easier to share and enjoy your digital photos, music and video
  • built-in, Unknown
  • 4
  • 1
  • 5 mm
  • 240 Hz
  • 1
  • 400 mm x 400 mm
  • 15,286 g
  • 33 mm


  • can't video chat with friends
  • 0

Reviews Word on the street

Rated 71%
Read the review (Sep, 2012)
Colors on the other sets, in particular the Vizio, the Samsung ES8000, and the Panasonic plasma had a richer, more pleasing look in my side-by-side comparison.


The UNES8000 and the Vizio were markedly brighter, however, which made their 3D images overall punchier and higher-contrast - 3D on the LM7600 was dimmer than on the other LEDs.
LG LM7600 47" | Rated 71% by by c|net (Sep, 2012)
Color fidelity from off-angle was also good, right up there with the Vizio and better than the rest.
LG LM7600 47" | Rated 71% by by c|net (Sep, 2012)
When watching "Hugo," my favorite 3D reference material, I saw the same jagged edges and moving lines as on the 55-inch Vizio placed next to this LG, although I'd say they were slightly less obvious on the smaller LG in comparison (my seating distance was about 7 feet from both).
LG LM7600 47" | Rated 71% by by c|net (Sep, 2012)

Picture quality

It's not every day that we encounter a television that has better picture quality than the more expensive version, but the LM7600 produced better image quality than the flagship LM9600 we reviewed earlier this year.
LG LM7600 47" | Rated 71% by by c|net (Sep, 2012)
That's no small feat since active sets have a large advantage in apparent black level because you're basically wearing sunglasses.
LG LM7600 47" | Rated 71% by by c|net (Sep, 2012)
Details in shadows, such as the face of Mrs. O'Brien kissing young Jack in bed (48:23), were rendered well enough, and while they did appear a bit more obscured than on the Samsungs, they weren't too dark as I saw on the Sharp.
LG LM7600 47" | Rated 71% by by c|net (Sep, 2012)


Color on the LM7600 was poor in 3D however, with reddish skin tones and an off cast to many areas in comparison with the other sets, especially the Vizio and UNES8000.
LG LM7600 47" | Rated 71% by by c|net (Sep, 2012)


LG doesn't include a normal remote with the LM7600; the little wand replaces a standard multibutton remote's cursor with Nintendo Wii-like motion control.
LG LM7600 47" | Rated 71% by by c|net (Sep, 2012)


Previously I've complained that the motion remote suffered in comparison with a real universal clicker like those from Harmony, but the LM7600 makes it possible to control your other devices using an IR blaster built into the TV and controlled by the little wand.
LG LM7600 47" | Rated 71% by by c|net (Sep, 2012)

Competition What else you should consider

LG LM670 5-way tie: OK HDMI ports LM670 55" vs LM7600 47"
Sony HX850 2-way tie: More D-Sub inputs Sony HX850 vs LG LM7600
LG LM6200 Rated the best by consumers LM6200 55" vs LM7600 47"
LG LM8600 3-way tie: Has built-in Ethernet LM8600 47" vs LM7600 47"
LG LM6700 8-way tie: Doesn't have Wi-Fi LM6700 42" vs LM7600 47"
Front view of LG LM7600

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Editions Editions of the LG LM7600

Price Edition Size Power consumption Usb ports Manufacturer code Compare
47" 130 Watts 3 47LM7600
55" 100 Watts Unknown None
55" Unknown 1 55LM7600

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