Sony NSX Series

  • 40" 1080p LED-backlit
  • 60 Hz
  • Internet enabled
#1 in GIF Sony TVs
Released October, 2010
HD streams from Amazon and Netflix via Ethernet looked great, SD streams less-so, and most Internet video sites looked bad blown up on the 46-inch screen.
Rated 65% by by c|net (Nov, 2010)

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First reviewed December, 2011

Features Key features of the Sony NSX Series

Front view of Sony NSX Series
We were disappointed that Google TV's Netflix still has the first-gen interface we saw on the original Roku Netflix Player.
Rated 65% by by c|net (Nov, 2010)


We performed a hands-on evaluation of the 46-inch Sony NSX-46GT1, but this review also applies to the other screen sizes in the series.
NSX Series by c|net (Nov, 2010)
Content issues aside, the experience of surfing the Web on your big screen is simultaneously frustrating and awesome.
NSX Series by c|net (Nov, 2010)


Sony NSX Series
Vizio XVT3D Series
Sony BRAVIA EX500/US Series
Sony's unique metal stand may look precarious but supported our thin, 46-inch review sample well enough.
NSX Series by c|net (Nov, 2010)
A ramp test pattern revealed breakup as opposed to a smooth progression from black to white, a possible indication of bit depth issues, and again not something we typically see on modern HDTVs.
NSX Series by c|net (Nov, 2010)

Performance Real world tests of Sony NSX Series

power consumption

Sony NSX Series
Vizio XVT Series
Sony BRAVIA EX523 Series
Power consumption: We did not test the power consumption of this size in the Sony NSX-GT1 series, but we did test the 46-inch model.
NSX Series by c|net (Nov, 2010)
Performance Google TV performance Using Google TV on the Sony, aside from the issues noted above, was a mostly satisfying experience via the wire connection.
NSX Series by c|net (Nov, 2010)

Our analysis How does it stack up against its top 10 competitors


  • Edge-lit LED
  • Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, YouTube
  • Picasa
  • Pandora
  • Twitter
  • MPEG4
  • AAC, MP3
  • 4
  • access streaming content over the Internet
  • easier to share and enjoy your digital photos, music and video
  • keep an eye on two channels at once
  • 4
  • 33.02 mm
  • 1
  • 122 Watts
  • 300 mm x 300 mm
  • 18,778 g


  • 40"
  • you'll have to go to the theater for 3D videos
  • limited color calibration controls; might not display the best picture
  • need to use a wired connection to access streaming content
  • can't video chat with friends
  • 71.14%
  • 60 Hz
  • 0
  • 0

Reviews Word on the street

Rated 65%
Read the review (Nov, 2010)
This has the potential to add tons of innovative apps, and in the meantime having a full-function Chrome browser (to actually visit and, for example) should satisfy many users.


Our image quality tests compared the Sony NSX-GT1 to the following TVs, using the Blu-ray of old favorite "I Am Legend.
Sony NSX Series 40" | Rated 65% by by c|net (Nov, 2010)
Press the home button at any time and the menu will overlay whatever content you're watching.
Sony NSX Series 40" | Rated 65% by by c|net (Nov, 2010)
Google TV is greatly customizable and you can make the "Bookmarks" or "Queue" show all your favorite content, but it's not something that tech novices can jump right into.
Sony NSX Series 40" | Rated 65% by by c|net (Nov, 2010)


Google TV's frequent full-screen fields exposed the panel's uneven uniformity more frequently than typical video content would.
Sony NSX Series 40" | Rated 65% by by c|net (Nov, 2010)
The TV's picture-in-picture is restricted to viewing a small window showing the TV source inset into the larger Google screens.
Sony NSX Series 40" | Rated 65% by by c|net (Nov, 2010)
These issues were even more noticeable on the Sony than they would be otherwise, since Google TV's screens often show flat fields (such as around the white space on Web pages, the gray of loading screens) that clearly reveal uniformity problems.
Sony NSX Series 40" | Rated 65% by by c|net (Nov, 2010)


We are not big fans of the remote's thumb pad (black, upper right).
Sony NSX Series 40" | Rated 65% by by c|net (Nov, 2010)
We also missed the illuminated keys and dedicated button for aspect ratio control found on many TV remotes.
Sony NSX Series 40" | Rated 65% by by c|net (Nov, 2010)


Search bar Press the dedicated button on the keyboard and the search bar pops up at the top of the screen, regardless of whether you're using the Chrome browser, streaming Netflix, or watching live TV.
Sony NSX Series 40" | Rated 65% by by c|net (Nov, 2010)


The letterbox bars even flashed slightly when we hit Select on our PS3 to disappear the status display.
Sony NSX Series 40" | Rated 65% by by c|net (Nov, 2010)

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Editions Editions of the Sony NSX Series

Price Edition Size Power consumption Wi-Fi Manufacturer code Compare
24" 84 Watts built-in, 802.11n NSX-24GT1/US
32" 85 Watts None NSX-32GT1/US
40" 122 Watts None NSX-40GT1/US
46" 109 Watts None NSX-46GT1/US

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