Empowering Publishers

Sortable combines a full monetization platform with robust analytics to surface actionable insights and empower publishers to make data-driven decisions.

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Get back to being a publisher and go further

We help publishers optimize yield and unify revenue operations teams. Our agnostic approach, fast implementation, and unified reporting arm publishers with the data they need to make better decisions about monetization, content, and audience acquisition.

actionable insights

An agnostic approach to monetization

Demand density drives yield, and a level playing field helps publishers  succeed. We help publishers create an efficient and competitive ad stack, increasing yield with header bidding, server-to-server connections, dynamic price floors and timeouts, and partner discrepancy minimization.

Sortable Analytics

Our unified reporting shows performance at both the site and partner levels. As ad stacks get more sophisticated, reporting becomes more challenging for publishers, and our consolidated view of key metrics such as revenue, fill, viewability, and performance by device, geo, and partner provides insights to help publishers make smart decisions about their yield strategy.

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Fast implementation

Our large engineering team works on behalf of our publishers, building and managing integrations, and maintaining our big data infrastructure. We’re agile and work quickly to bring solutions to market, so publishers don’t require extensive resources to be successful.

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To effectively optimize yield, ad operations teams also need to consider how content and audience affect revenue. How do different traffic sources monetize? Do some content types perform better than others? How do layouts and ad types affect session depth and revenue? Some of this information is available if you know where to look for it, but that doesn’t help revenue operations teams work more effectively together.


Aggregating revenue data alongside content and audience data unifies functions, and provides a common language and single source of truth to help publishers improve their overall yield strategy.

We understand digital publishing, because we are digital publishers

We own and operate 15 websites, and are anchored in our publishing roots. We know the work it takes to run a successful website, and we want to help publishers get back to publishing.

We’re a Google Certified Publishing Partner

We’re a trusted partner with Google , having extensive experience with DoubleClick Ad Exchange and DoubleClick for Publishers.