Making Ad Ops Simple

Sortable’s ad ops technology uses machine learning to ensure that your ad impressions are sold to the right partner, earning you more money.

Why use Sortable?

Automatically manage ad networks

  • Our ad optimization technology makes ad networks work harder for your impressions by algorithmically managing your ad inventory and increasing your RPMs.
  • We have built relationships with top brands, ad networks, and SSPs who are looking to advertise on your site.
  • Access dozens of different ad units, for display and mobile, from around the world.

Route your ad impressions

  • Dynamically route your ad impressions to the partner who is most likely to fill at the highest CPM.
  • Our ad ops technology analyzes your site’s traffic profile and demand partners using a multitude of variables.
  • Using machine learning, our ad tech decides in real-time which ad networks should fill every ad impression.

Decreased loss = new audience

  • Decreasing lost impressions allows you to reach an audience you never knew you had.
  • Our ad tech takes loss into account when routing traffic, ensuring that your impressions are served to the right partners first.
  • By making algorithmic decisions about your ad deployment, we are able to decrease the time it takes for your ads to load.

One-stop unified reporting

  • We consolidate all your reports into one place, giving you a clear idea of how your ad inventory is performing with a single login.
  • Our ad technology does all the heavy lifting, providing you with a simple dashboard that displays date, impressions, revenue, and eCPM.
  • Everything is updated in near real-time.

Built by publishers

  • Sortable is built upon our publisher roots; we own and operate 20 different websites.
  • We got tired of ad networks over-promising and under-performing, so we developed our own ad ops technology, built for publishers by publishers.
  • Our ad tech allows you to focus on creating great content, while we focus on optimizing your ad inventory.