Feeling blue? How color affects your AdSense CTR

Craig Ling Uncategorized

A common complaint from publishers is that they don’t get enough creative control over the programmatic ads that appear on their sites.  Customizing AdSense settings, however, is one area where publishers can exercise some control over how ads look.  Since AdSense allows publishers to customize the color settings for text ads (see guide at the end of this article), we …

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Geektime: 10 of the hottest startups to watch in Waterloo, Canada

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The little city that could, Waterloo is making tech-savvy hipsters check themselves before they wreck themselves. A tech-saturated Canadian city that’s boasting the densest startup population outside the Valley, the Waterloo-Kitchener-Cambridge tri-city is already pushing the national government to throw down $3 billion for a new high-speed rail between the region and Toronto for all the foreign venture capitalists who …