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Media In Canada: Can a machine better match ads to consumers?

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How can publishers monetize their digital assets in a complex programmatic advertising space? A serial entrepreneur from Waterloo named Chris Reid says he has a monetization solution that will take the pressure off figuring out how, where and when to target ads by letting a machine compute those results through a tried-and-tested algorithm. Read more - Christopher Reid - about

Website Magazine: Sorting through the digital advertising mess

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With the popularity of ad blocking, the lack of relevance of ads, accidental clicks and other problems impacting revenue, the digital advertising industry needs help. Owning and operating more than 20 websites, Sortable can relate to the challenges publishers have today because it’s a publisher too. Read more

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Why I bought my company back

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I think I’ve scared the bejesus out of the marketing department (aka Brenden and Kelly, who sit next to me) with the decision that the CEO wants to write some long form content on why I bought back my last startup, Snapsort. We’re going to hit send on this, look at some heatmaps and realize 80% of people bailed at …

Sortable is making ads suck less

Sortable is making ads suck less

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Ads suck! There’s no nice way of saying it. Working with ad networks sucks for publishers and seeing ads can suck for site visitors. Monetizing a website is hard work for publishers. They can simply sign up for AdSense and implement the code and call it a day, but that’s not how they maximize revenue. When publishers jump headfirst into …

Header Bidding trial by fire: How 6 popular header bidders perform

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As publishers, we must monetize, and those of us who aren’t in a monopoly position Google or Facebook are at the mercy of a fragmented and messy, but necessary, adtech ecosystem. It’s how thousands of us make money and it certainly has its problems and frustrations. If you’ve been in ad operations for a while, you’ve seen many shifts that …

7 Ad Ops conferences that every publisher should attend

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Ad operations moves really fast. As a publisher, it can feel like you never quite get ahead-as soon as you finally get the hang of the latest ad technology or optimize your revenue, something new pops up and you’re back to testing and tweaking all over again. This is exactly the reason why conferences and industry events are so crucial …