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Sortable housewarming party

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Sortable would love if you’d come join us to celebrate for a night. The last year has been a wild ride. Our team grew from a cozy four to 25 (and we are still growing), our platform now reaches over 100MM unique users a month and we’ve had some lovely coverage in the press (even John Tory seemed to like …


Thalamus: sorting through a cornucopia of ad networks to monetize, with Sortable

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For those of us that aren’t familiar with Sortable, please tell us a little more about your offering and audience. Sortable helps publishers generate greater revenue. We use data and machine learning to automate the ad operations process. Our Ad Engine analyzes every single ad impression, looking at geo, device type, session depth, speed and bid, then makes a real … - marketing genuis

CBC News: Sortable pitches company as refuge for tech workers escaping Trump’s America

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Are you a developer considering a move to Canada if Trump is elected? If so, Sortable wants to hire you! The Kitchener, Ont., startup launched a cheeky recruiting campaign this week offering “a safe place for smart, nice people in the technology industry who are already starting to look for alternative living arrangements in anticipation of a Donald Trump presidency.” …

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The Globe and Mail: Why I bought back my company

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Almost every founder starts out with the same set of goals: world-changing vision, market traction, media coverage, money raised, real revenue and the sale of the company. With Snapsort Inc., I hit all the milestones, including the sale, within three years. At the time, the sale made sense, but I still felt like I sold out. That’s part of the …

Sortable makes Ad Operations easy as pie

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In order to properly manage ads on your site, you have to collect a ton of data, and calculate CPM, eCPM, RPM. CPC, CTR¦ it’s a never-ending list. Often we have to dig deeper and calculate the lift, the cost of loss impressions etc. While you are crunching all this data, the ad networks and advertisers are working in the background …

How header bidders affect latency

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Back in January, I posted the findings from an experiment we ran to measure what happens when you increase the number of header bidders, and how that impacts CPM. We found that there is a strong correlation between increasing bidders and increased average CPM performance; we saw a 58% increase in CPMs when running 6 bidders versus none. I received a number …

Canadian Business: How Sortable wants to take the pain out of digital advertising

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“Things are very broken in the ad space in publishing in general,” he says. “Our goal is to start cleaning things up.” He’s referring to the overly complicated jumble that advertising has become. In order to get their messages out, advertisers have to deal with a host of middle-men, from agencies and trading desks to buying networks and supply platforms. …