5 lessons from building Startups and Beer

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We’re prepping for 2017 and decided to go down memory lane for Startups and Beer and maybe be really honest about what makes Startups and Beer a real community-driven initiative. Startups and Beer has grown out of a need to maintain a connection between many startups calling this region home and the community we work in. Sortable is growing rapidly (4,653% …

How AdX pricing rules can affect CTR

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Have you ever wondered if the price floors and other preferences you set in your Google Ad Exchange (AdX) settings actually affect the performance of your campaigns? Well, we were curious, and so we managed to find data that indicates to what degree setting pricing rules for direct response campaigns could actually change the campaign’s performance.Our data shows that we …

The Record: 7 Waterloo Region firms on Technology Fast 50 list

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WATERLOO REGION — Seven Waterloo Region companies are on a new list of Canada’s fastest growing technology companies. Sortable, Axonify, Clearpath, Magnet Forensics, Aeryon Labs, eSentire and Dejero Labs are on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 list for 2016, which ranks the companies by revenue growth over the previous three years.Read more