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Sortable selected as Facebook Audience Network header bidding integration

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MARCH 21, 2017 KITCHENER, ON – We’re very happy to announce that Sortable has been selected as one of a handful of global Facebook Audience Network Header Bidding integrations. Through this integration, Facebook Audience Network demand has been integrated into Sortable’s header bidding solution, giving our mutual publisher clients access to a massive source of premium, unique demand. Facebook and Sortable …

Header bidding and beyond – a Sortable Publisher Day talk with Christopher Reid

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Sortable had the pleasure of hosting our first ever publisher event at Google New York this past February.  In the first of our videos from the day’s presentations, Sortable’s CEO Christopher Reid will walk through: If you’d like to know more about Sortable’s approach to header bidding, or would like to see a dashboard demo, let us know: