Building a smart place to work and proving it

Building a smart place to work and proving it

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Building a company is more than just creating a product and hiring people to sell and maintain it. (This is a simplistic way of looking at it, I know–but bear with me.) You also need a vision for a company culture. An idea for a company culture is one thing. It seems easy, imagining a utopian place to work: Fair …

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Sortable is the first Canadian company to receive the GoodWell Certification

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KITCHENER, ON – JANUARY 9, 2018 – Based on quantifiable data and firm methodology, GoodWell has certified that Sortable is a fair, equitable, and humane workplace — the first in Canada to achieve this distinction. The GoodWell certification brings a data-driven approach to measuring a company’s culture and people. To determine the cultural health of an organization, GoodWell measures 11 …