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We value the publishers we work with. When we see them succeed, we know we’ve done our part in helping them get there. When publishers choose to work with Sortable, they do so because of our leading-edge ad monetization technology, insightful reporting and analytics, and our team of Ad Ops experts.

Leading-edge ad monetization

We know that digital publishing isn’t easy and that publishers need to ensure you are maximizing their revenue. That’s why we have the tools in place to maximize the dollars you receive for your audiences.

Advanced header bidding
As one of the early providers, header bidding is truly part of our DNA. While we are an active member and contributor to the Prebid community and use the Prebid standard, we have built our own technology on top of it to further optimize performance and squeeze out the highest yield possible for our publishers. We custom configure Prebid and your ad stack to meet your needs. We are constantly monitoring auction performance—CPMs, timeout rates, advertiser behaviour, and latency—to ensure that publisher revenue remains secure.

New ad formats
Ad formats are constantly evolving and advertising is moving to a world beyond simply static display. These new advertising types sell at a premium, which translates to more money for publishers. That’s why we support both standard and unique high impact display ads sizes. Both our instream and outstream video will soon have full support for native advertising.

Great access to advertisers
We have relationships with over 30 advertising partners, such as AppNexus, Rubicon, and Teads, to ensure that our publishers have great access to buyers. Since we run a network that makes over 12 billion monthly ad requests, we are able to develop and secure partner relationships to increase the spend for our publishers’ sites.

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If you have your own advertiser relationships, we can support that as well. The Sortable platform can support all Prebid bidders.

Exclusive Sortable server-side demand
With more and more people moving towards server-side auctions, we have developed our own server-side platform that is exclusive to Sortable customers. Our deep advertising relationships allow us to bring even more advertiser dollars to our publishers.

Our server-side platform is generally a top three revenue partner for the majority of our publishers.

Insightful reporting and analytics

The amount and type of data and reporting desired varies widely from publisher to publisher. That’s why we have a robust data and analytics suite that can be easily tailored to fit your business. Quickly create dashboards to review high-level revenue and operational performance, or create an unlimited number of in-depth custom reports to uncover trends and changes to visitor or advertiser behaviour that may impact your business. 

See it here: https://sortable.com/sortable-analytics/

Ad Ops experts ready to help

One of the areas that sets Sortable apart is our desire to work closely with publishers to make you successful. We happily work with publishers across the spectrum—from those of you that desire a fully managed Ad Ops solution, to those of you that want to keep your business more in-house and run your own ad server.

  • Site audits and implementation – To support you, we have a team of experts who live and breathe Ad Ops. During the onboarding process, our specialists conduct a site audit to determine key areas for optimizations such as ad layout and features.
  • Performance insights – We work closely with publishers to give you insights into your advertising performance and proactively provide suggestions for improvements. This could include how to improve viewability, new ad placement suggestions, lazy loading modifications, or showing you how to implement our managed refresh solution.
  • Privacy regulations and industry standards – We also help make publishers aware of changes to privacy laws (GDPR, CCPA) and industry standards so you are aware of what Sortable is doing to address them and keep you aware of any recommended changes you should make.
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Interested in learning more about what Sortable can do for you? Fill out this form to request a demo. You can also email team@sortable.com.