Counting what counts: CPMs, eCPMs, and revenue

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It’s common for publishers to use a metric like CPMs to compare the performance of ad partners on their site. However, CPMs may not account for other factors that can impact a site’s overall revenue, and can cause confusion when higher CPMs don’t necessarily result in increased revenue. What is CPM? Cost Per Mille (CPM) is the amount advertisers are …

10 ad tech trends to watch for in 2020

Top 10 ad tech trends to watch for in 2020

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As the calendar flips over and a new year begins, we tend to reflect on the past year and think ahead to what is to come. Maybe there is great pride in certain accomplishments, maybe some mistakes to learn from, but there is always a sense of hope for the fresh start and opportunity that a new year may bring. …

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Everything you need to know about first-price auctions

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A few months ago, Google announced that they would be transitioning Google Ad Exchange to a unified first price auction in Google Ad Manager. In early June, Google will begin testing a small percentage of inventory, with the transition schedule currently on track to have all inventory running through first price auctions by the end of July. More recently, Google …