seasonality: winter, spring, summer, fall

Seasonality, CPMs, and you (updated for 2020)

Minhung Ling Ad Ops

Last updated: January 2020 As the new quarter begins, you may have noticed a drop in your CPMs. Seasonality (looking at how you—and the ad industry as a whole—are affected by the time of the year) impacts advertiser spend and thus, CPMs. While some verticals are impacted more than others, it’s important to understand how seasonality affects CPMs as they …


Seasonality and the summer slowdown

Minhung Ling Ad Ops

Earlier this year, we discussed how it’s important to understand how seasonality affects CPMs. This was in order to effectively benchmark, forecast, and predict revenue. As we move into July and August, publishers in the northern-Atlantic regions, like North America and Europe,  may experience one of their weakest quarters of the fiscal year. There’s no need to panic. This is a common …