What are interstitials in web advertising

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What is an interstitial ad? Sortable now supports Google’s new interstitial ad product which provides publishers with a new revenue stream by showing users an ad between some pageviews. It is initiated when a user clicks a relevant link on one page and the user sees the ad before they can view the page for which they’ve clicked a link. The ad …


Not Updating Your Ads.txt Is Costing You New Ad Revenue

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As a refresher, let’s start with what an ads.txt file is. Already an expert? Perfect. Scroll down to learn how you’re not unlocking new revenue when you don’t update your file. What is ads.txt? Ads.txt (which stands for Authorized Digital Sellers) is an initiative by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Tech Lab to improve transparency in programmatic advertising. It aims …


What’s The Sortable-hosted Quantcast CMP?

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What is a consent management platform (CMP)? Just to review, a consent management platform (CMP) is a way for publishers to collect and manage consent from site visitors for the data their site (or sites they own) uses and stores. It is a simplified way for publishers to stay on top of managing their site visitors’ privacy concerns, all while …

google two click penalty

8 ways to address Google’s Two-Click Penalty

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We know that seasonality can impact your site traffic but a significant decrease is a cause for concern. More notably, when your ad click-through rate simultaneously goes down. When this happens, most publishers start talking about Google’s “Double-Click” or “Two-Click” penalty. If your site’s ads are affected by this, keep reading to learn eight ways to address the “Two-Click” penalty. …

header bidding auction

The value of exchange bidding

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Exchange bidding, also known as Exchange Bidding in Dynamic Allocation (EBDA), is a server-side unified auction. It’s where ad exchanges and SSPs compete with Google Ad Exchange to win impressions. This was Google’s response to header bidding and the need to reduce the complexity of header bidding.  Prior to switching to a first-price auction, Google Ad Exchange had the “last look” at …

Optimize with lazy loading

How to optimize user experience with lazy loading

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A webpage downloads and renders its ads as soon as a user opens a new page. This will allow the browser to cache the whole webpage. But, there’s no guarantee that the user will actually view all the downloaded ads. You shouldn’t bulk load all the ads once a user opens a new page. Configure your page so that the …

Sortable.com - waterfall vs. header bidding

What you need to know about header bidding

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What is header bidding? Header bidding is a programmatic advertising technique. It allows publishers to offer their inventory to multiple ad exchanges simultaneously before sending requests to ad servers (ie. Google Ad Manager).  Header bidding evolved from waterfall bidding. A popular, but inefficient form of auctioning ad space. In a waterfall auction, publishers offer their ad space from ad network …