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What is Buyers.json?

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Buyers.json represents a simple, but incredibly important mechanism that allows demand-side advertising platforms to disclose the identities of buyers publicly. From a security standpoint, this is crucial because it allows for immediate identification of any threats once they appear.  It is intended to be the mirror mechanism of Sellers.json, which supply-side platforms currently use to disclose the identities of their …

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How to Redesign a Website Without Losing Out on SEO

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Poor conversion rates? Outdated design and copy? Negative user experience (UX)?  No matter what type or size of business you own, your website needs to be the best it can be. But when it comes to making improvements to your site, you need a strong strategy — otherwise, your site updates can create more harm than good. That search engine …

Google, Facebook, and Amazon: The Race for Ad Server Market Share

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For as large as the digital advertising landscape is, there has traditionally been only one company that dominated it: Google. Facebook has consistently taken the runner-up position and over the past year, retail giant Amazon is also taking a piece of the ad server marketing share.  As a publisher, this is good news! The more competition, the more options you …

AdSense for Arbitrage Publishers

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As a publisher, you must constantly search for new and innovative ways to successfully monetize your website. Bringing traffic to your website and generating a significant revenue stream can be quite challenging, especially when facing a constantly changing industry. If you have a top-notch website that easily generates a ton of organic traffic, you probably don’t have any issues with …


Exchange Bidding vs. Header Bidding

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Header bidding paved the way for ad publishers to garner more revenue by creating a real-time auction platform that focused on the highest bids rather than ad waterfalls. Google responded to header bidding with exchange bidding, which offers a very similar bidding process. In this article, we’re going to break down the exchange bidding versus header bidding debate so you …

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VAST Tags: An Introduction

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The world of video advertising has created a lot of benefits for publishers, especially when it comes to ad monetization. Video ad spending currently sits at $26 US billion per year and is projected to reach $35 US billion annually within the next few years. So, it goes without saying that video advertising is a MUST for publishers who want …

What Is Bidstream Data?

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Bidstream data is a term that we’re hearing more and more lately. However, it is seldom understood. In today’s digital world, ad auctions happen in real-time. That means any data attached to those bids and auctions — namely, bidstream data — is exchanged in the process. In this article, we’re going to talk about bidstream data: What it is, how …

What Is an Insertion Order?

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Once upon a time, advertising deals between two parties were carried out manually. Programmatic ad buying and selling didn’t exist and publishers didn’t have standard terms and procedures. As we’ve gone down the path of website monetization via display ad placement, we developed newer and faster methods to maintain these advertising agreements. However, despite everything becoming digitalized, we can still …

Header Bidding: Is it Right For You?

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Header bidding came around in 2015. Its popularity practically exploded as it gave advertisers more equality in terms of bidding.. Now, header bidding is more or less the preferred approach to ad serving for publishers that want to earn more for their ad inventory. The auctions are quick and automated and the publishers always leave with the most money possible. …

Creating and Using Engaging Videos

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In today’s digital world there are all kinds of effective content. However, while the written word is often the go-to in terms of appealing to and educating an audience, there’s something about videos that really hit the spot. According to a recent marketing survey, 68% of all online users stated that they would prefer to learn about new products or …