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What is Unified Pricing in Google Ad Manager?

Neera Shanker Ad Monetization

Back in 2019, Google transitioned to a newer unified pricing model for Google Ad Manager. For some publishers this was good news, and for others, not so much. Then there are the ad tech individuals who are still trying to understand what it even means. In this article, we’re going to dive into unified pricing in Google Ad Manager to …

Price Floor Optimizations

Mark Dixon Ad Monetization

You’ve probably heard about price floors before. Since Google Ad Manager switched to the first-price auction model, there seems to be less conversation about price floor optimization. Price floors (or floor prices) have become an important component publishers can use to strategize their website monetization. In the first-price auction, demand partners try to optimize their budgets to get impressions at …

How High Traffic Can Lower Your AdSense RPM

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Have you seen your AdSense earnings suddenly suffer a dramatic drop? If so, you’re not alone. Many publishers face seemingly sudden drops in their ad earnings. More specifically, their rate per mille (RPM).  But why? Some of the most common reasons include irrelevant ads being displayed, baseless clicks, and even using the wrong keywords. However, determining the actual cause takes …

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How to Measure Ad Viewability

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We often talk about viewability in the digital advertising world, but it can be incredibly confusing to most people within the industry. This is because the technology in digital advertising is constantly evolving — and quickly. This makes it difficult to nail down the standards of viewability and even its exact definition. In this article, we’re going to dive into …

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FAQ: CPC versus CPM

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As a website publisher, ad revenue may be the largest contributor to your revenue. But here’s the thing: there are various different models of ad revenue and it can be confusing to figure out how they work and how you’ll get paid. These pricing models include CPC and CPM. With CPC, advertisers pay every time someone clicks on their ad. …

AdSense for Arbitrage Publishers

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As a publisher, you must constantly search for new and innovative ways to successfully monetize your website. Bringing traffic to your website and generating a significant revenue stream can be quite challenging, especially when facing a constantly changing industry. If you have a top-notch website that easily generates a ton of organic traffic, you probably don’t have any issues with …

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VAST Tags: An Introduction

Sortable Ad Monetization

The world of video advertising has created a lot of benefits for publishers, especially when it comes to ad monetization. Video ad spending currently sits at $26 US billion per year and is projected to reach $35 US billion annually within the next few years. So, it goes without saying that video advertising is a MUST for publishers who want …

Header Bidding: Is it Right For You?

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Header bidding came around in 2015. Its popularity practically exploded as it gave advertisers more equality in terms of bidding.. Now, header bidding is more or less the preferred approach to ad serving for publishers that want to earn more for their ad inventory. The auctions are quick and automated and the publishers always leave with the most money possible. …

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What Is a Leaderboard Banner Ad?

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In real life — as in offline — you’re already more familiar with leaderboard ads than you probably realize.  You see them outside of the movies, stores, and restaurants. They give you the general updates, events, and specials going on inside any given establishment, which is what typically entices customers to enter and spend money. The concept is basically the …

Using Ad Refresh with AdSense and AdX

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If you’re the sort of person who only really scans websites and doesn’t spend a whole lot of time reading them in depth, you may only be subject to a single ad impression from any ads you’re exposed to. But, if you tend to read in-depth articles, or for whatever reason, something has captured your attention, the original ads you …