Google AdSense vs. Google Ad Manager

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Google provides you with many different products to help you monetize your online platforms. Two of the most popular products for publishers to use are Google AdSense and Google Ad Manager, which have dominated the programmatic advertising scene.  However, it can often be confusing for people to distinguish between the two and decide on which ad monetization tool to choose.  …

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What are Rich Media Ads?

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You’ve probably come across a rich media ad without knowing it — they can be difficult to distinguish from video or interstitial ads. Unlike standard ads, they take a lot of time, effort, and money to create.   In this article, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about rich media ads.  What are rich media ads? According …

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What Does RPM Stand For?

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One of the first terms that you hear when you’re breaking into programmatic advertising word is RPM. The term is an abbreviation for “rate per mille,” where “mille” stands for 1,000. This is a common method used by online advertising platforms such as AdSense, for example, to determine the pay rate for 1,000 ad impressions on a website.  This is …


Types of Web Cookies

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Cookies, or HTTP cookies, are data packets that contain information about a website’s visitors. A user’s device creates and stores these cookies when they visit most web pages.  On our computers, cookies store information like passwords for various accounts. Cookies also store our shipping information when we ask our browser to remember it. The information stored in cookies allows us …


Your Google AdSense Questions Answered

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If you’re a publisher with a sizable number of website visitors each month and don’t currently use AdSense for monetization, you could be throwing money away.  Even if your blog is “just” a passion project, if it generates a guaranteed number of visitors each month (based on your social media following and other resources), it makes sense to start thinking …

Best Mobile Ad Sizes for 2021

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In 2018, mobile advertising accounted for an astounding 75% of all digital ad spend, with companies in the U.S alone spending over $70 billion to reach an estimated three billion mobile phone users. Since 2018, the number of mobile users has increased to 5.2 billion, and mobile use continues to grow at a rate of around 2%. With these kinds …

How to Use Website Ads to Make Money

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Long gone are the days when traditional advertising — like radio, TV, or billboards — was the only way for advertisers to reach their target audiences. Along with the advent and popularity of the Internet came the ability to market products and services in an entirely new way by adding advertisements to websites. That’s where online publishers come in. Publishers …

5 Ways to Increase Revenue from Website Ads

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When you consider the potential revenue, it’s no surprise that monetizing websites with ads has become so popular. And as the largest ad platform in the world, Google AdSense makes it easy. After completing the quick setup, your website can start earning actual ad revenue right away — with Google completing most of the work. Whether you’re just starting or …

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What are OTT and CTV?

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While people are watching just as much content on TV as ever, the way that we are consuming digital media is changing. Increased bandwidth has opened up a new world of possibilities to enjoy our favorite shows. Streaming video has grown from a niche pursuit with low resolution options to the preferred method for consuming content on TV.  The number …

What are Interstitials in Web Advertising?

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What is an Interstitial Ad? Sortable now supports Google’s new interstitial ad product which provides publishers with a new revenue stream by showing users an ad between some pageviews. It is initiated when a user clicks a relevant link on one page and the user sees the ad before they can view the page for which they’ve clicked a link. The ad …