The Buzz on Viewability and Optimizations for Revenue

The buzz on viewability and optimizations for revenue

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Viewability is one of the most important metrics publishers can optimize towards. The first step in driving brand engagement for advertisers is to ensure campaigns are seen by users. Advertisers use several key performance indicators (KPIs) to help measure the performance of their digital campaign spend. Compared to traditional form of advertising, digital advertising offers unique opportunities for brands to …

Bad Actors, Bad Ad Quality, and just plain Bad UX

Bad actors, bad ad quality, and just plain bad UX

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User experience (UX) refers to an end user’s interaction with a brand, its products, and/or its services. For publishers, good user experience means that visitors will read a whole article, enjoy it enough to share or come back for more, and view some ads along the way. Ads must be relevant to a publisher’s audience and in particular, unobtrusive. The …

A UTM Primer

A UTM primer

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Do you know where all your traffic is coming from? Sure, you know a percentage is from social media, but which platform? Which article? If you are using paid ads, which campaigns are sending the most traffic, and which ones are the most profitable? It turns out a lot of these answers can be found by implementing UTM parameters. What …

The Impact of GDPR on Publishers

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It’s a new world post-rollout of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a European digital privacy law with global economic impact. An enormous amount of time, energy, and expense has been spent across the digital advertising industry “ from SSPs and DSPs, to publishers, marketers, and networks “ to integrate these new consumer privacy protections into their businesses. And with good …

Looking ahead to 2018: the future of e-commerce

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As the new year approaches fast, we’re thinking about what trends will surface in 2018. In this instalment, Jennifer Fields, Head of Publisher Development, shares her thoughts on the changing landscape of e-commerce. Many of our publisher clients are running marketing campaigns to drive traffic to their sites, and understanding how one campaign performs in comparison to another is critical …

Looking ahead to 2018: the year big media fights back

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As the new year approaches fast, we’re thinking about what trends will surface in 2018. In this instalment, Ryan Fuss, our Chief Revenue Officer, shares his thoughts on how 2018 will be a year of change for Big Media. Wow, how times flies. I joined Sortable almost a year ago, and what a year to make a change. 2017 has …

Looking ahead to 2018: give publishers the data they need to thrive

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As the new year approaches fast, we’re thinking about what trends will surface in 2018. In this instalment, Ashly Knox, our Head of Sales Engineering, shares his thoughts on the plight of publishers. One of the coolest parts of my job as Head of Sales Engineering at Sortable is that I get to speak with a wide spectrum of publishers. …

How OpenRTB 3.0 can clean up the programmatic ecosystem

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2017 is shaping up to be the year programmatic tightened its bootstraps. Earlier this year, the IAB Tech Lab led an initiative to help combat fraud with ads.txt. And in September, they released the draft framework for OpenRTB 3.0 for public comment. Since the OpenRTB framework came into the world in 2010, the industry has grown and changed so immensely …

Just Keep Swimming: Maintaining Momentum With Your Content

Just keep swimming: maintaining momentum with your content

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Have you ever thought of a website as a shark? Some species of sharks ” like the salmon shark and the great white shark ” need to keep swimming in order to breathe. And while a website may be made up of lines of code and content, it also needs to keep moving forward to survive. To build and maintain sustainability, …

What’s going on with Google Chrome in 2018?

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You’ve likely heard buzz about an update coming to Chrome in 2018 that will block bad and intrusive ads in desktop and mobile versions of the browser. While accurate, the rumour is maybe a little bit misleading. According to the search engine giant, the new feature will simply filter out certain types of ads on websites. Yeah, but what’s the …