Three Ways To Optimize For Mobile

Trish Manrique How-To

In 2012, a report conducted by IAB found that only 9% of internet advertising revenue was a result of mobile. Since then, mobile ad spend (including advertising on mobile phones, tablets, and mobile internet-connect devices) continues to grow year over year, making desktop secondary by comparison. In 2019, US mobile ad spend saw an increase of 23%, reaching $87.20 billion. …

How To Improve Viewability

Kate Laing How-To

Viewability is a hot topic for every publisher as it’s a key metric for improving your ad revenue and maximizing the content that you work so hard to produce for your audience. So what exactly does ‘viewability’ mean, why is it important, and more critically, how do you improve it? Let’s dig in. What is ‘viewability’ and why is it …

How to Improve Your Site Traffic With High-Quality Traffic

Kate Laing How-To

Every publisher knows that in the world of ad monetization, traffic is king — and monetizing that traffic can mean major revenue. The challenge is that in order to work with most Ad Ops providers, including Sortable, a minimum traffic threshold has to be met! So how do you go about getting more of it? Is all traffic equal, or …

Need-to-know SEO tips and trends

Trish Manrique How-To

In today’s highly competitive digital world, there are numerous factors that contribute to a successful web presence — search engine optimization (SEO) efforts being one of them. In fact, without at least minimal SEO implementation your website may as well be invisible as good SEO is what allows Google and other search engines to index your content properly and determine …

google two click penalty

8 ways to address Google’s Two-Click Penalty

Neera Shanker How-To

We know that seasonality can impact your site traffic but a significant decrease is a cause for concern. More notably, when your ad click-through rate simultaneously goes down. When this happens, most publishers start talking about Google’s “Double-Click” or “Two-Click” penalty. If your site’s ads are affected by this, keep reading to learn eight ways to address the “Two-Click” penalty. …

Optimizing your SEO

Optimizing your SEO – A step-by-step guide

Trish Manrique How-To

When we’re trying to learn about a topic, our default action is to go to a search engine. With millions of searches conducted every day, it’s vital that your work appears on the first page or two of a search engine’s results. SEO is not a new term and it’s definitely something you need to focus on to get your …

Optimize with lazy loading

How to optimize user experience with lazy loading

Neera Shanker How-To

A webpage downloads and renders its ads as soon as a user opens a new page. This will allow the browser to cache the whole webpage. But, there’s no guarantee that the user will actually view all the downloaded ads. You shouldn’t bulk load all the ads once a user opens a new page. Configure your page so that the …

desktop anchor blog post feature image

The Fundamental Value of Implementing Desktop Anchors

Sortable How-To

Ad placements, like desktop anchors, tend to be one of the most overlooked aspects of running a website. When publishers place banner ads wherever they feel like it, they won’t realize how effective the careful placement of ads can be. Every website is different. You need to consider multiple factors when optimizing your ad layouts. Here are a few guidelines …

ad sizes

Top tips for optimizing your ad sizes in 2019

Sortable How-To

Your website may look fantastic with a 970×250 banner ad, but it may not be the best size for monetization. Optimizing ad unit sizes based on advertising demand can be a quick and easy way to increase yield. Focus on high demand ad sizes Buy-side partners pay for ad space that meets the needs of their buyers’ creative assets. Buyers …