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Betakit: Former VICE Canada Chief Revenue Officer Ryan Fuss joins Waterloo-based Sortable

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Fuss will work in Sortable’s newly-created role of chief revenue officer, where he will be responsible for revenue-generating activities like sales, marketing, and partnerships. Before joining VICE, Fuss was SVP of media solutions at Blue Ant Media, and has worked at media companies like Alliance Atlantis (now Corus), Mode Media, Yahoo Canada, and CHUM.Read more

BoingBoing.net: Canadian tech firms will have their pick of overseas talent thanks to

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The massive talent shortage in tech has all kinds of weird effects: the inability to outbid tech giants means that badly secured hospitals get devoured by ransomware; it means that companies that value diversity get to outmaneuver much better-resourced competitors; it means that companies that pledge to be ethical can edge out their competition (and that unethical conduct can have …


The Record: 7 Waterloo Region firms on Technology Fast 50 list

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WATERLOO REGION — Seven Waterloo Region companies are on a new list of Canada’s fastest growing technology companies. Sortable, Axonify, Clearpath, Magnet Forensics, Aeryon Labs, eSentire and Dejero Labs are on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 list for 2016, which ranks the companies by revenue growth over the previous three years.Read more

BBC: A Trump presidency has Americans looking north

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Every four years, terrified by a potential president, many Americans roll out a well-worn pronouncement: “I’m moving to Canada!” However, this year they have helped to make that often empty threat a reality. The 2016 election campaign has been full of surprises, the biggest is Donald Trump. His divisive campaign has turned some American voters off. But he’s on track …