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Betakit: 20 Student Startups Compete For $125,000 at W16 #VELOCITYFUND Finals

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The future of education is made up of three components: co-operative education, research intensity, and student entrepreneurship. At least, that’s how Feridun Hamdallapur, the President of the University of Waterloo and one of Canada’s most innovative academic institutions, puts it. Student entrepreneurship has been on a steady rise as universities across Canada are beginning to cultivate a culture where starting …

Bloomberg: Work in Silicon Valley and Spooked About Trump? Canada Wants You

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Sortable, an advertising startup, has been running Facebook ads featuring a photo of The Donald with the tagline: “Thinking of moving to Canada? Sortable is hiring.” Next week, a group of Canadian mayors, keen to attract top people and reverse a brain drain, will visit California to tout Canada’s growing tech scene. Far too polite to mention the Republican front-runner’s …


Thalamus: sorting through a cornucopia of ad networks to monetize, with Sortable

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For those of us that aren’t familiar with Sortable, please tell us a little more about your offering and audience. Sortable helps publishers generate greater revenue. We use data and machine learning to automate the ad operations process. Our Ad Engine analyzes every single ad impression, looking at geo, device type, session depth, speed and bid, then makes a real …