Google Chrome will pause Flash Ads

In a bid to improve laptop battery life, Google announced it will intelligently pause Flash content that isn't central to a website in the Google Chrome beta browser.

This means Flash ads including video units will be paused by default. This doesn't stop the ads from fully loading, it just stops the ad from auto playing. The users will have to click a play button on the ad in order to view the video. Ad viewability is still recorded when the ad loads, however you should expect the click-through rate to drop.

Google has been pushing for advertisers to shift over to HTML5 for a while now. As such, publishers should consider reaching out to their advertising partners to find out if they are running any Flash ads, however we expect most networks to make the change soon.


This feature is enabled (or disabled) in Chrome Beta by default on Windows, Macs and Linux, and the tech giant expects it'll be on all the Chrome stable channels as early as September. People can also choose to enable it for themselves if they want by going to Settings, choosing Show advanced settings, scrolling to Privacy and selecting Content Settings. In the plugin's section, change Run all plugin content to Detect and run important plugin content.