Thinking of moving to Canada? Sortable is hiring

Sortable, a rapidly growing startup based in Kitchener-Waterloo, announced today its intent to offer a safe place for smart, nice people in the technology industry who are already starting to look for alternative living arrangements in anticipation of a Donald Trump presidency. Many Americans are fearful, with Trump leading the polls in the Republican primaries, and are considering a new adventure in the Great White North.


According to a recent survey run by Sortable, 31% of Americans would consider moving to Canada if Donald Trump was elected president, and for 15% of survey respondents, a move North isn't completely off the table.

This sentiment is strongest held amongst the younger age brackets, with 42% of 18-24 year olds saying they would move to Canada, compared to 20% of 34-44 year olds.

Now, while we don't think Americans will actually move en masse to Canada if the election doesn't go their way, we do want to extend an offer. Because it's the polite, Canadian thing to do.

A job at Sortable!

Sortable uses data and machine learning to help online publishers generate greater revenue by making real-time decisions about which ad networks should fill each ad impression.

Over the last year, Sortable's popularity has followed a similar trajectory to Trump's. We have been growing 40% month over month, and our ad engine is handling 3 billion ad impressions each month.

Sortable is an engineering-focused company, where developers form the core of our team. We are a collaborative team with minimum bureaucracy that values autonomy, taking ownership and learning from your mistakes. We've grown our team from 3 to 25 since 2015, and we have some ambitious recruitment goals this year, including hiring 20 developers and adding to our sales team.

Sortable is based in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, which is the heart of innovation in Canada. With a population of half a million people, the region is home to 1,000 tech companies, 100s of startups, and University of Waterloo, which has the world's largest co-op program and sends more graduates to Silicon Valley companies than any other university except Stanford. Reasonably-priced housing combined with a great mix of arts, culture, and food makes Waterloo Region a great place to be.

Sortable offers relocation support, competitive salaries, health benefits, catered lunches, stock options and a chance to help shape the growth of a growing company.

If you are looking for a new adventure and want to solve hard problems please apply.

Sortable is hiring!

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