Sortable makes Ad Operations easy as pie

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In order to properly manage ads on your site, you have to collect a ton of data, and calculate CPM, eCPM, RPM. CPC, CTR¦ it's a never-ending list. Often we have to dig deeper and calculate the lift, the cost of loss impressions etc.

While you are crunching all this data, the ad networks and advertisers are working in the background with your partners to optimize your impressions. Ad operations is ALL about math and data.

Sortable is a company built upon data. We use machine learning to make intelligent decisions about which ad networks should fill each ad impression.

Sounds complicated, right? If you don't spend your days dreaming of multi-variate testing, machine learning algorithms, mediating between 20-30 demand partners, managing creative quality across networks and other such fussy work, we'd love to talk about how we can make your life easier. We take a very data-focused approach to ad operations - we have 12 engineers who spend all day focused on revenue optimization and team of ad ops people who work with them. We started off as publishers, and we still are. In addition to our own websites and apps, we now manage over 8 billion impressions per month. We think using big data, machine learning and automation are the best way to drive programmatic improvements, and our goal is to leverage our learnings and provide the best possible outcomes.

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Spend less time dealing with your ads, and more time focusing on creating great content.