Meet some of the Sortable Team

Sortable is growing like crazy. Less then year ago, we had 3 employees and had just entered the Velocity Garage in downtown Kitchener. Just over a year later we are a team of 35 located in our very own sushi restaurant-turned-office. Over the same period, Sortable has been growing 40% month over month and has expanded to 300 publishers, all while remaining profitable.

We have some ambitious goals this year, including hiring 20 developers and growing our sales team as well. Sortable is an engineering-focused company, where developers form the core of our team. We are a collaborative team with minimum bureaucracy that values autonomy, taking ownership and learning from your mistakes.

We really value the culture we've built here at Sortable, and we're looking for really smart, really nice people to join our team. Meet some of the team and if you think you'd be a great addition, try out our challenge.

Christopher Reid - Sortable
Smart people solving hard problems together - Chris

Meet Chris, the founder of Sortable and a serial entrepreneur. Sortable is his 4th startup (he can't seem to hold down a job), and is most comfortable when challenged with some large problem. A graduate of University of Waterloo's Engineering program, Chris straddles the technical and business founder role, with a deep understanding of development as well as sales and marketing.
Colin -
Things you won't find at Sortable: jerk coworkers, boring lunch discussions and friendly llamas. 2 out of 3 ain't bad - Colin

Colin has been with the team since we were called Snapsort, back in 2011 at the Accelerator Centre. With a degree in Software Engineering from U of W, Colin worked at Microsoft for three years and has also founded a company of his own. Colin once had an unsatisfied customer literally rip the shirt off his back, but that was before Sortable¦ so we are all good there.
math at
Sometimes we act like grown-ups - Steven

Steven has worked as a Software Engineer at Sortable for over a year now. Steven has a PhD in Pure Mathematics from the University of Alberta. Steven is known for co-organizing the Intersections KW Math Meetup, and also for being kind of tall. While Steven is not a big fan of music, he did write some code to reproduce the sound that closely matches the sounds of the Warp Drive of the USS Enterprise.
Sortable coffee
"There are a lot of challenges at Sortable, which is what makes it interesting" - Mark

Coffee is a science at Sortable. Michael and Mark have taken it upon themselves to figure out how to make the perfect cup of coffee. Over the past month, they have been monitoring water temperature, mineral content, pour time, fineness of the grind and recording their observations. Why? Because it's fun. Mark doesn't even drink coffee. Michael has his Masters of Science from Queen's University, and Mark graduated from UW with a joint major in Computer Science & Pure Mathematics.

Coffee brewing tip from Michael: "Coffee connoisseurs are aware that the biggest effects on taste come from the beans and the water you use. We were therefore surprised to find how large the effect of temperature has on the flavour of the coffee. Increase the temperature and you can get a more bitter, less sour taste. Brewing coffee with water at 185-190°F can actually give pretty good results, depending on the bean."

cocktails - sortable
Graeme is a developer at Sortable. Before joining the team, he worked at Amazon helping them automate their warehouse operations. Graeme organizes the weekly Friday afternoon cocktail club at Sortable, where he uses the staff as guinea pigs for his mixology experiments (they don't seem to complain).
Marina -
Marina is part of our publisher relations team, and is instrumental to helping the team scale. Marina has a joint major in History and Political Science from UW and completed her final term at the University of Virginia on a Semester at Sea Voyage (yep, school on a cruise ship, Breaker High style)!

These are small sample of some of the team at Sortable. If you or someone you know if looking for a new opportunity check out the Sortable Career page.

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