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GoodWell certifies Sortable for humane workplace practices

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GoodWell Certifies Sortable for Humane Workplace Practices

KITCHENER, ON (September 17, 2019) – Sortable announced today that it has successfully achieved GoodWell certification for fair, equitable, and humane workplace practices for a second time. Sortable is proud to be the first and only Canadian entity to be GoodWell-certified.

“We are thrilled to continue as a GoodWell Certified employer! At Sortable, we’re committed to being an outstanding place to work and we strive to maintain high standards that are the foundation of our team,” said Caryn Petker, VP of Talent at Sortable. “We’re constantly collecting feedback to measure happiness and engagement, and the GoodWell program provides us with additional data-driven insights to give us a deeper understanding of workforce trends, opportunities for improvement, and how we’re measuring up so that we can drive positive change for our team and our customers.”

According to GoodWell founder Pete Gombert, the industry is seeing heightened interest in GoodWell certification from a broad group of entities comprising of businesses, nonprofit organizations, and municipalities.

“Employers are looking for a valid way beyond lip service to demonstrate they are positive, empowering places to work,” said Gombert. “GoodWell certification provides this in a quantifiable, transparent way and helps turn workplaces into a powerful advantage for attracting and retaining talented employees.”

GoodWell’s certification uses 11 metrics to determine if an organization is healthy and sustainable. GoodWell certifies Sortable as having passed each metric. The process gives leaders an objective view of their practices as an employer and an opportunity to demonstrate their values to employees and the community at large.

About GoodWell

A public benefit corporation headquartered in Boise, Idaho, GoodWell is an independent performance standard that strengthens employee satisfaction by certifying fair, equitable, and humane workplace practices. GoodWell’s certified organizations range from small businesses to global nonprofits and large municipalities. It’s 100% metrics-based certification system provides actionable management insights and a framework for benchmarking and improvement. These human metrics are designed to work for any employer regardless of size, industry, geography, or organizational structure. For more information about becoming certified, visit

About Sortable

Sortable is a SaaS platform that helps website publishers unify advertising partners, data, and tools to maximize their ad revenue. Sortable developed a best-in-class UI that contextualizes this data, allowing publishers to more deeply understand the correlation between content, marketing, and monetization. For more information on Sortable, visit

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