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Sortable selected as Facebook Audience Network header bidding integration

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MARCH 21, 2017 KITCHENER, ON – We’re very happy to announce that Sortable has been selected as one of a handful of global Facebook Audience Network Header Bidding integrations. Through this integration, Facebook Audience Network demand has been integrated into Sortable’s header bidding solution, giving our mutual publisher clients access to a massive source of premium, unique demand.

Facebook and Sortable are aligned in creating a transparent third-party ecosystem that is in the best interest of publishers, advertisers and users, and ensures a fair process for all parties involved.

Sortable’s solution combines industry-leading header bidding technology with rich analytics to help publishers measure, optimize, and monitor the performance of their inventory. With a focus on increasing yield for publishers, Sortable’s partner-agnostic solution creates auction pressure by bringing demand partners to the table in a fair, open and transparent environment.

“Sortable’s integration with Facebook on mobile web bidding is a big step forward towards a system that is open and connected, where no player has a structural advantage,” says Christopher Reid, Sortable’s CEO & Founder.

The best practices reinforce Sortable’s beliefs about the benefits of a fair and open bidding process. “We believe that the best way to drive yield is to increase demand density,” says Reid. “Competition is the key to any auction-based economy, and we believe in bringing quality partners willing to bid fairly to the table.”

About SortableSortable is pleased to add Facebook’s Audience Network to our list of industry partnerships and integrations. Competition is key to any auction-based economy, and we believe in bringing every partner willing to participate fairly to the table. Our solution is designed to increase yield for publishers by promoting auction pressure and transparently surfacing data through our rich analytics platform.

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