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Sortable Analytics is here! We're excited about the launch of our comprehensive dashboard and how it can empower publishers and make their lives easier. Right now content, marketing, and revenue operations teams largely sit in separate silos, each with their own tools, staff, and access to engineering resources. We don't think siloing the three most important areas of your publishing business makes sense, and so the first thing we want to do is help publishers break down those barriers. Enter Sortable Analytics - a platform purpose-built to surface content, marketing, and revenue data in a unified dashboard to help publishers optimize both their yield and ˜non-yield yield'.

Sortable Analytics can help you:

Understand your most valuable audiences
Whether you're purchasing traffic or running campaigns using UTMs, our traffic acquisition tool, Campaign Monitor, allows you to track users throughout their session, surface revenue for the full session, and determine the ROI of specific campaigns.

Improve your e-commerce business
Our page segmenting tool allows you to A/B test page layouts and elements such as Buy Now buttons so you can understand how your monetization strategy affects conversion on your site.

Monitor partner performance
Sortable Analytics provides a consolidated view of all partner performance. You can easily compare partner metrics and understand your most valuable partners. And because we cache all that data, we can surface data faster - no more waiting for partner dashboards to update.

You can also collect metrics around the effectiveness of your partners. Learn whether some partners are more effective than others in particular situations or circumstances, or the impact of timeouts across geos, ad units and device.

Help your direct sales team be more efficient
Use data and insights to inform your direct and PMP strategy and enable your sales team. Collect data around what ads are being viewed, on what pages, and provide your team with viewability and revenue metrics so they can effectively sell your inventory.

Empower your team with insights.
In addition to the robust analytics engine, our consolidated dashboard makes sense of all of this data and provides all teams within publishing operations - content, marketing, and revenue operations - a single source of truth to track what matters, optimize revenue, and ultimately grow their business.