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What it Means to be a Google Certified Publishing Partner

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Google Certified Publishing Partners are a part of a very small community within Google’s most trusted partnership programs. The ultimate goal is to help publishers get the most out of their advertisements and tech, thereby maximizing their ad revenue stream’s potential. In essence, when you choose to have an Ad Ops partner, a Google Certified Publishing Partner badge is the …

Ad Tech News Roundup – March 2021

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At Sortable, when we come across news articles that impact our industry and other publishers, we share them with each other and chat about the implications. In order to expand the discussion, we want to share these articles with you and give our opinions on what we think it means for Ad Tech. Our hope is to create a dialogue …

What are Preferred Deals?

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In the marketplace of ad selling and buying, more and more publishers and advertisers are favouring programmatic direct and private marketplace deals. This is because of how programmatic is changing transactions for the better overall, by contributing to the efficiency and quality of ad inventory being brought to the table. In this article, we’re going to talk about one method …

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How to do a Split Test with Sortable

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You’ve probably heard the phrase “split testing” being thrown around if you own a website or are involved in ecommerce. If you’re unfamiliar, split testing is a fairly simple concept of comparing two website or webpage versions to each other to determine which version is performing better.  In a split test, website traffic is distributed between two different versions of …

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How to Choose Ads for Your Website

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One of your primary goals as a publisher is to ensure that your ads are relevant and click-worthy — without compromising their performance or demand. That means choosing which ads to display on your website takes some careful consideration. It also means that the “Allow and Block Ads” tab on your AdSense dashboard is one of your most essential tools. …


What is Programmatic Direct?

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The world of online ad space is complicated, with more platforms to buy and sell ad space popping up every day. Its complexity gets further exaggerated when considering each method includes several key players, like ad exchanges, ad networks, and supply-side and demand-side platforms. Not surprisingly, this is confusing for publishers and advertisers. However, one of the new platforms making …

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What is Programmatic Guaranteed?

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If you want to be an online publisher earning money from your site, it usually involves relying on ad revenue. If you’ve already taken steps to monetize your site using open auctions, private auctions, or preferred deals, entering the realm of programmatic guaranteed deals will be like entering the VIP section of programmatic advertising.   While programmatic guaranteed is just one …

Your Comprehensive Guide to Ad Exchange

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Your Comprehensive Guide to Ad Exchange With constant technology transformations, determining the best way to find suitable advertisers for your online space can be daunting. Luckily, there is an efficient way of navigating the confusing world of digital ad inventory: ad exchanges. These digital marketplaces take the guesswork out of digital advertising by using an autonomous platform to facilitate programmatic …

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What is Real-Time Bidding (RTB) in Programmatic Advertising?

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Online advertising has evolved from a simple one-on-one transaction between publishers and advertisers, to today’s mammoth ad network. If you are a publisher wanting to monetize ad space, the entire thing has become quite complicated. Enter real-time bidding or RTB — the process of buying and selling ad space through the use of an automated, real-time auction. This programmatic advertising …

What Is Programmatic Advertising?

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From mobile devices to desktops to outdoor billboards, digital advertising is everywhere. With all of the different options available, how do you find the best advertiser for your online space?  By offering an efficient way of managing digital advertising efforts, programmatic advertising helps make that happen. This automated, data-driven option produces real results — but only with the correct investment …