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VAST Tags: An Introduction

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The world of video advertising has created a lot of benefits for publishers, especially when it comes to ad monetization. Video ad spending currently sits at $26 US billion per year and is projected to reach $35 US billion annually within the next few years. So, it goes without saying that video advertising is a MUST for publishers who want …

Creating and Using Engaging Videos

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In today’s digital world there are all kinds of effective content. However, while the written word is often the go-to in terms of appealing to and educating an audience, there’s something about videos that really hit the spot. According to a recent marketing survey, 68% of all online users stated that they would prefer to learn about new products or …

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5 Ways to Maximize Your Video Ad Earnings

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Video advertising has changed the game for publishers in terms of monetizing ads, as it has allowed them to show videos through multiple formats (outstream, instream, etc.), even when they don’t have any video content themselves. That means you don’t have to create a YouTube channel to make money off your videos anymore. Google caught on to this trend and …

Types of Video Ad Formats

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Video advertising has become mainstream in recent years and continues to grow in popularity in the programmatic advertising ecosystem. Online video advertising offerings are expanding rapidly, with more than 90% of marketers believing that video ads are going to be the core of the majority of marketing strategies in the years to come. Video advertising is the process of displaying …

VAST vs. VPAID – What They Are, How They Work, And More!

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Some consumers find video more compelling than text, easier to pay attention to, and easier for users to retain information. The proportion of internet traffic that is video is increasing exponentially. Today, videos account for 80% of internet traffic. This shift is changing the priorities for ad spend and how publishers can profit from video advertising. To help facilitate the …

What is Sponsored Video?

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Publishers everywhere are consistently looking for ways to improve the user experience for their readers, while simultaneously optimizing and maximizing their revenue. But increasing the ad density on page has its limitations from a user experience perspective, and brands and publishers are competing for space and advertising dollars like never before — so what’s a publisher to do? Enter: the …