Top 4 Articles of 2016

Top 4 Articles of 2016

From experiments in header bidding, to the impact of color in AdSense, and the real story behind how Sortable came to be, here are our top most-viewed articles of 2016:


Header Bidding Trial by Fire: How 6 Popular Header Bidders Perform

The assumption being put to the test: if bidders are good for business, then it stands to reason that the more bidder pressure, the better. We ran an experiment to measure what happens when you increase the number of bidders and how that impacts CPM.


Why I Bought My Company Back

Founder Chris Reid talks candidly about the stumbling points he went through in order to build Sortable from the ground up, and the value of failure.


Feeling Blue? How Color Affects Your AdSense CTR

Changing the color of your AdSense campaigns can positively influence performance. Here's what you need to consider when making changes.


How Header Bidders Affect Latency

Nothing in life (or ad operations) is free and while our experiment showed a strong positive correlation between header bidders and CPM, this can come at a cost. Our findings: running an in-browser auction with multiple bidders creates latency on a site, and impacts other important KPIs.