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“Sortable has made header bidding so simple. Working closely with their team, I get access to a wide variety of demand partners, their analytics platform is easy to work with, and I can run granular reports. But the best part is their responsive and knowledgeable customer support team.”
— Justin Barton, VP Digital Strategy and Partnerships at Black Enterprise

Black Enterprise improves ad performance with Sortable

By monetizing their site programmatically with Sortable, Black Enterprise has seen a six-figure revenue-generating stream for their company in 12 months.


Black Enterprise was in search of an Ad Ops partner that could provide them with a full-service solution from customer support to analytics and demand partnerships.

Prior to working with Sortable, Black Enterprise was not using any header bidding solution. They wanted the ability to monetize their site to its fullest potential. Entering into programmatic advertising for the first time, Black Enterprise needed a solution that offered:

Industry expertise and support

Black Enterprise lacked the necessary industry expertise to navigate the constantly changing ecosystem and they were looking for a partner that could bring industry knowledge to improve their ad performance and also be responsive to their needs.

Access to demand partners

When you’re new to programmatic advertising, finding partners and managing them isn’t easy. Black Enterprise wanted to work with a partner who had established relationships and who can manage those relationships on their behalf.

Analytics and reporting

Assessing user experience and yield analysis was important to Black Enterprise. They wanted the ability to see their ad performance and run reports to review various metrics and dimensions in order to make data-driven decisions as needed.

Sortable Analytics looking at Net CPM by Partner and Day


For Black Enterprise, we moved forward with our Publisher Ad Server implementation to give them the support level they needed and access to all of our header bidding features while also being able to maintain their GAM.

Sortable’s header bidding solution introduced BE to programmatic advertising on their site, opening up an entirely new revenue stream for their company. We strategized with Black Enterprise to find the best layouts for their site to ensure user experience wasn’t impacted, introduced new demand partners to increase competition, and gave them access to our reporting and analytics platforms.

Black Enterprise also wanted a partner who could support their direct deal and private marketplace. Sortable has provided them with the technology and the tools needed to analyze the data from those deals. One report that Black Enterprise likes to run lets them see their CPMs by demand partners — this lets them know exactly who is bidding on their inventory.


By monetizing their site programmatically with Sortable, Black Enterprise has seen a six-figure revenue-generating stream for their company in 12 months.
By making data-driven optimizations and focusing on user experience, Black Enterprise saw their overall ad performance improve by using Sortable Analytics to make data-driven decisions. Their access to both premium partners like Google, Pubmatic, and Undertone, and our team of Ad Ops experts to assist with any technical issues, has had a dramatic and lasting impact on their revenue.


Founded in 1970, Black Enterprise (BE) is the ultimate guide to financial empowerment and is the premier business, investing, and wealth-building resource for African Americans. BE provides essential business information and advice to professionals, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers.

Customer: Black Enterprise

Industry: Finance

Headquarters: New York, NY


  • Lack of industry expertise

  • Access to demand partners

  • Improving ad performance

Implementation: Publisher Ad Server


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