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Working with Sortable has exceeded our expectations. We saw about an immediate improvement from our ad performance when we started working with them. Not to mention, we’ve also onboarded additional demand partners that we previously had not had connections with. Our account manager, Charles, has been so helpful and responsive — we truly appreciate his dedication and expertise.
— Karissa So, Sr. Advertising Executive at HYPEBEAST Ltd.

HYPEBEAST Ltd. increases ad revenue by 49% moving from AdX to Sortable

Sortable’s solution improved HYPEBEAST's ad performance through analytics and reporting, better optimization and ad strategy, and additional demand partners.


HYPEBEAST was primarily looking for an Ad Ops partner that could give them better insights into their ad performance. They struggled to see which ad units were doing well, which ones to optimize, and how to achieve better yield overall.

We implemented Sortable’s Publisher Ad Server for HYPEBEAST to maximize their website monetization through header bidding.

Industry expertise and support

HYPEBEAST wanted a partner that was responsive to any rising issues, and could also address industry changes and trends. It was important to them that they have access to a team that could provide additional support.

Analytics and reporting

A priority for HYPEBEAST was built-in analytics and reporting. They wanted the ability to run reports to see ad performance and dive deep into various metrics like ad units and top URL and eliminate the guesswork.

Access to demand partners

HYPEBEAST wanted an Ad Ops solution that had an extensive list of demand partners to make it easy for them to onboard and increase competition. They were looking for a solution that would continually add additional partners and manage these relationships on their behalf.


We implemented Sortable’s Publisher Ad Server for HYPEBEAST to maximize their website monetization through header bidding.

With HYPEBEAST having a high percentage of direct sell through inventory, they wanted to rely on Sortable to fill remnant inventory during peak seasons. During off-peak seasons, they would rely on us to help sell their available inventory using Sortable’s header bidding.

Our header bidding solution introduced new demand partners and allowed access to our reporting and analytics platforms, as well as our team of Ad Ops experts. Our team worked closely with HYPEBEAST to further optimize their ad units and provide customer support where needed. In fact, apart from seeing the value in our solution, HYPEBEAST enjoys working with our responsive and knowledgeable team.


Working with Sortable, HYPEBEAST saw a 49% increase in programmatic revenue within their first six months.
In 2019, prior to working with Sortable, HYPEBEAST used AdX. After starting with Sortable, HYPEBEAST saw a monthly average increase of 49% in programmatic revenue for the second half of 2019 in comparison to the first half of 2019. Since starting with Sortable, we've been onboarded several of HYPEBEASTs’ sites like popbee.com, one of HYPEBEAST’s popular sites.


HYPEBEAST Ltd. started as a sneaker website founded in 2005 and has evolved into a publicly listed media company in 2016. With a total reach of over 40.5M users across all platforms, this media group boasts a global readership across the Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe, with the flagship platform available in five languages.

Customer: HYPEBEAST Ltd.

Industry: Fashion

Headquarters: Hong Kong, China


  • Analytics and reporting transparency

  • Improving ad performance

Implementation: Publisher Ad Server


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