Smart people solving hard problems.

At Sortable, our mission is to help publishers optimize their ad performance. We launched Sortable’s Ad Optimization Engine into a $20B market in April 2015 to the tune of 40% month-over-month growth. Our team has grown exponentially. We’ve been called the fastest growing startup around town. And that’s where you come in.

You’re curious, intense, and methodical about solving hard technology problems. As part of the engineering team, you’ll use machine learning among other technologies to constantly refine our Ad Optimization Engine. We offer a collaborative team environment with minimal bureaucracy at a company that is engineering-driven. And yes, we have startup-y perks.

What’s the Sortable take-home project?

We do a technical take-home project because we’re interested in how candidates solve problems. It gives you an idea of the issues we tackle at Sortable and offers you a way to show us how you think using the tools of the trade. The take-home project also seems to work for people who prefer to demonstrate their skills without the added pressure that an interview can bring. Your solution will be reviewed and, if you are selected, you will have the added bonus of a half-day interview schedule instead of a full-day process.

Learn about the take-home project Read Sortable's Engineering blog

Meet the team

Daniel Rodriguez


``I add new features to an ad engine that serves more than 150 million ad impressions per day.``

Shannon Broekhoven


``I can have an impact on all parts of the stack.``

Darrick Chow

Technical Product Manager

``I help shape the product we deliver to our partners.``

Akosua Asante

Customer Success Specialist

``I get to make a visible impact on my colleagues and our clients.``